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Hi mates , it is FRIDAY , any interesting plan for the weekend?

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Well it seems springtime has really arrived yesterday , so if my stomach allows , will go to cinema on Saturday and Sunday lunch in my Sister house on the Beach , (paella).
What about you mates?

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Glad to hear spring has arrived in your neck of the woods.  What movie will you be seeing?  Here we are getting ready for our kids' spring break.  They are thrilled to be getting a week off from school, and we're heading to the Oregon coast to do some yurt camping.  Here's a picture of what they look like (my son and his friend biking last year), for those who haven't seen these.  They have heat, lights, and beds, so perfect for bad weather camping!

And a shot of the beach...that's the Peter Iredale, a shipwreck from the early 1900s.



Hope everybody has a wonderful weekend...I'll be thinking of those of you who are struggling right now, and hoping for better times to come soon.  Lots 'o love~AA


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thanks for posting these pics. have a great time!



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ours by sitting around the fireplace (yep still cold here in Michigan) eating our dinner.  Tomorrow our son and I will help my husband move some sculpture pieces around in his studio. Hoping for some warmer weather soon. -- Cynthia


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Just got home from a baseball game....33 degrees and windy! I watched from the car..A double header tomorrow. Went shopping today with daughter, daughter-in-law and 2 grandchildren, 6 and 1 1/2. It was so good to get out, feeling fatigued from chemo and radiation. Love to see those precious little faces....and they love to shop with grandma .... even the 1 year old girl knows how to shop!! 

Pepe.... Hope you feel well enough to do your activities. Movies and the beach sounds great!!

Ann....the Oregon coast is so beautiful....have a wonderful week with the kids!!

Cynthia....A fire sounds like a great idea.....think I will have my husband start one now!

Everyone...thinking of you this weekend!!

~ Ann

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The farmers market opens this weekend here ... So we will be getting some fresh fruit and veggies and some plants for the yard.  My Son also has his first little league baseball game of the season on Saturday...go Orioles!  After that we are cleaning out my old glass shop and turning it into a play room for the kids... Anyone want to come and help move a couple of hundrdad sheets of glass and a bunch of Legos???


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i do hope you have a very good weekend. glad you are getting spring. i always like to see everything bloom & as you can tell, i do not have allergies! we took 2 grandkids ( 4 & 3yrs) to the children's museum today. we were suppose to go out to eat but passed because i was too worn out. i only had 5 hrs sleep last night & i am just 6 wks post op from hipec surg, so that equals i get tired!!! tomorrow & sunday we will be with family & eating out.  now give your stomach orders to behave so you can have a good weekend!!!



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Poor little grandbaby has an ear infection and cutting more teeth so she hasn't been sleeping much and it's been hard on our daughter and son in law. So we made a spontaous trip to cincinnati to give them a little break. Hopefully the weather will get better tomorrow that will help everyone feel better. Pray for everyone stay well.  Jeff

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but hope to get out to dinner with friends (as long as I don't have to cut my food!)  Had my right rotator cuff repaired last week - working one-handed.  Of course, it's my dominant hand, making life pretty complicated!  PT starts next week.

I'll do what I can, but mostly be a lady of leisure, as my husband has to take care of everything.


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Loved it!  It used to be a passion of mine - I'm trying to get back into it.  Pepe, hope your stomach allowed you some pleasure this weekend.  Cheers!

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Just loving the NC weather!

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