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oh my fruity pooh

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A fun filled nights

Yesterday night I a woke about 1:30 and had terrible diarrea, I was in the bathroom with the door shut and my husband woke up coughing he yelled from the bedroom, !stop spraying that tropical fruit fabreeze it choking me, I yelled back I not spraying fabreeze I am sick.  

you, see I have been on this fruit kick lately eating as much fruit as i want, I bought some tropical dried fruit from the wholesale store it had coconut, papaya,mango,  bananas, dried dates, pinapple, and i have eaten about a cup a day since Sunday, It was really good to snack on through out the day.


( if you haven't caught on my pooh smelled like coconut and mangos, like a tropical breeze, at the rotten fruit dump)


Two nights prior to that a skunk sprayed our cat and the smell( even though this happend outside) came thru the wall and smelled up the whole house, I was up all night trying to get the smell out.

You gotta laugh



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Wow, that's a NEW ONE !!!!!     

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Thank you so much for the laugh!  I seriously, I hope you are feeling better now...I bought a bunch of veggies and some dried fruit at the store today.  I guess I'll go emuch on the dried fruit.


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Congratulations on your fruity dump!


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Smile  Laughter is a wonderful thing!  If we cannot laugh at ourself and our cancer, who can!  Thank you for the smile!


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Think how much your saving on Fabrez!  Lately it has been embarrassing how rank my pooh is. I'm afraid to leave the house because with my awful pooh smell it's hard show your face after you've gone.  Oh well what are we going to do.  Jeff

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We have matches to light after any pooh!!

Ha ha

Yes, we can all relate.

We only have 1 and a half baths so I warn the young adults, please sustain friends at front door
if I have to run to that bathroom.

The other night my son locked the front door. I was frantic to get into bathroom..oops

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Too Funny!    My wife and I have had similar conversations before.   We have Nose Saver and candles in the bathrooms. I can clear a house with the bathroom smells.  


Our beagle crawled under the blankets to try and comfort me the day after chemo.   I let out some gass, and the poor thing was clawing at the bed to get out from under the covers.   My wife had just walked in to the room, when I had let out the gas. She went to her knees laughing at Gizmo.   Gizmo was gasping at the end of the bed. (She did eventually forgive me, my Wife and Gizmo.) 


Best ALways,  mike



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