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Changed Start date...Now Monday

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We spent yesterday getting Chucks testing done for the trial..based on the information gathered and on prior patient response we now start the trial Monday April 15...when his oncologist gets back...we are not sure of the dosing yet because its randomized. . But we will know prior to starting.Chucks scans showed no new mets and stable lymphnodes. .that was the good part...his lung mets all grew since his last scan and something is going on in his liver that the oncologist will have to look at and explain because those filling in did not understand....Chuck still feels good and is very optomistic about the trial.. we toured the phase 1 infusion room...and had the protocols and protections explained to us..I guess it's the count down to go time :) 

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Not long to wait, though the next three days will be full of anticipation no doubt - need to stay calm.  Sounds promising and good luck for Monday. please keep us informed as all goes forward.

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