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Update On Hubby

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It has been decided that hubby has Sepsis, possibly from chemo port, but not sure so he's receiving broad range antibiotics. He is feeling a little better and coherent. 2 litres of fluid was drained from his abdomen today. He was allowed tiny sips of water, but chokes, so mostly mouth swabs. Because his mouth is dry, he can't speak too clearly. I was a bit upset that the dietician did not make an appearance today to start tube feeding and water. Not much urine output even with fluid bags. Still getting Neupogena for WBC. I forgot to get the last WBC.

He wanted to be transferred to the hospital MDA uses, but the Intensivist refused to take him saying that his current ICU care is adequate. Even though his problems appear cancer related, he won't be getting treatments soon, thus no need to be near his team. It appears that MDA does not have partner docs to cover each other. His docs are out of town this week and next. I am mostly pleased with his current ICU care and the hospital is only 3 miles away, but I am not the patient. He was a bit upset by this, but accepted it.

Please forgive me for not responding to posts right now. Thinking of each of you. Will update further.



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Very clearly he is the right place to sort his sepsis and all else can wait for now. You did the right thing to get help. Don't worry about replying- focus on your hubby and getting through this tough time.

My thoughts are with you both,


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your DH and glad to hear things are improving.  Keeping you all in my prayers.



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My thoughts and hopes are with you all.  Take good care



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Thinking about you both. Chelsea

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Thanks for the update Wolfen....so sorry you are dealing with this.  Don't worry about responding to posts - take care of hubby and yourself.  Prayers, positive thoughts and hugs!

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Wish we could all take a shift for you.....

With much fondness....

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Please don't ever worry about replying to our posts. We ALL understand the stresses that you are going through, so much more than many of us. 

Will continue to remember your hubby, daughter and you in prayers and good thoughts. 

Post when you can. You know we are all routing for you.

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glad to see an update and that DH is getting good care.  Sending love and hopes for fast healing your way, Wolfen~AA


Cathleen Mary
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Wish I could do more than send thoughts and prayers.  There is so much on your plate....please, somehow, take care of you.

Remember to breathe.


Cathleen Mary

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so glad your husband is feeling better.  Try to take care of yourself as well. -- Cynthia

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i am sending tons of prayers to both of you.



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I swear if it's not one thing then it's something else. I pray he gets through this quickly and get back on schedule. You take care of yourself.  Jeff

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More blood cultures today. Still no conclusion to what this infection is. Is being seen by Infectious Disease doc who said these types of things usualy start in the GI tract and attack your whole system. Different antibiotics are being tried. Tube feed was started today. I brought the cans from home as they don't have the caloric value he requires at the hospital. He is NPO due to swollen throat and mouth sores.

WBC is up to .8, but not high enough to fight whatever this is. He was given a med mixture to expand his blood vessels so they would absorb nutrition & meds. Unfortunately this broke the blood vessels behind the retina of the eye that had surgery in July for burst blood vessels. So he can barely see out of that eye. He is very frustrated with it all.

Will update again soon.



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Hoping today is a better day and some of the problems are solved..sending positive thoughts...~Ann

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Thank you for the update. On your husband. I hope they figure out soon what's behind the infection.

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I hope they find the fix to the infection soon.  Here in cyber space standing anxiously next to you, but nonetheless with a reassuring hand on your shoulder that hubby will be on the road to recovery very soon.

Get yourself some rest.  I'm sorry about his eye, hopefully it can right itself?

thank you for the updates,


Winter Marie



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I am continuing to hold your family in my prayers.  I hope and pray they can get the infection under control and that your husband can get back his health to continue treatment. 

Thinking of you and hoping you are managing to get some rest.




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You are going through so much with two of your loved ones struggling this terrible disease.  My prayers are with you all.  I'm hoping that he will be doing well soon.

Hugs!  Kim

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I agree with the docs...sepsis can be treated anywhere, and the risk of other stuff happening during a move is too great!


I HATE, HATE, HATE that this is happening to you both!!!!!!


I do know that one of the potential 'side effects' of chemo and low white count is infection...and usually a strong one.  In your update, you said his is going up, albeit slowly, so that is good!

You are SUCH a FANTASTIC partner/wife/etc!!!!  But please, please, please also take care of YOU!!!!!!  You will do him no good if YOU get  sick!!!!


BIG, warm, strong, healing hugs!  Kathi

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Wolfen, Thinking of you and your family & hope your husband gets some relief and begins to feel better soon!

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