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Update on Jason....

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Well, his 3rd chemo treatment is almost over, we take the pump back tomorrow. He is still doing very well, still no bad side effects. They had a very hard time w/ his port though. They couldn't get any blood from it, it would come but it was very slow & sluggish so they ended up getting his blood for the blood tests from his arm. The port worked fine for giving the chemo, so he has an appt. next Thursday w/ the surgeon who put the port in to see if there is a problem with it. We were told at his last (2nd) treatment that he has a condition called "cold agglutinin", which I had never heard of, but apparently when his blood is drawn it has to be put in warmed vials because it clots quicker than normal....? Anyone ever heard of this, or had it happen to you? As for the Avastin, he was suppose to be put on it this time, but thanks to the insurance company he has to wait until they approve it, which should take 2-3 days, so I don't know if they'll give it to him tomorrow if it has been approved, or how they'll handle it.

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2013-04-112013-04-11. I am not sure but I think they will want to give the avastin same time as the chemo.  I guess it doesn't work when given alone.  I haven't heard of that blood disorder. Glad to hear Jason is feeling good.  

Hugs George & DyanWink

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they hav  never been able to get blood return from my husbands port. The first time they tried to, they put something into it to try to dissolve the blockage but it took an hour on top of an already long day.  they said he had developed a sorta flap that allowed stuff to flow freely into it but would kinda block it off when they tried to draw from it.  i forget what they called it.  ever since then he has his blood drawn from his arm.  other than that, he has had no problems with his port.  i think the avastin will be given with his next chemo appt.

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I was having problems getting blood returns from my port as well, but after the put in some TPA it has been working great.  I think when they have this problem it is  called a "fibrin sheath" that develops around the end of the port and blocks it when they try to withdraw blood.  Even though my port is working fine, they still always draw blood from my arm and not my port for some reason....

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I too have problems getting blood from my port. It seems that quite a few of us have experienced this. 

I think they used heperin on me.  

I'm glad that Jason is doing well.  Getting started on treatment sure relieves some of the stress.

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I have no issue with getting blood return from my port .....  but my blood work is always done via a vein in my arm.    With this clotting issue are they talking about putting him on blood thinners at all??    

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I haven't heard of the blood condition, but think the Avastin will probably have to wait.  I believe it's rarely given on its own.  Insurance can be such a pain...I'm sorry they are creating delays for you guys!  Big hugs to you both~AA

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the port issue gets resolved. my onc rule is that if blood can not be drawn fron the port, i do not get chemo until we find out what is wrong. i have had tpa several times & it does work. one time the nurse could not do a blood draw & 2 rounds of tpa did not work. after a xray , it was discovered that the port cath had been displaced & was in a lesser vein that chemo would have blown out. a 30 min surg done with a local, corrected the problem.



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