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HELP Mom has Uterine Cancer and no insurance

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Hello everyone my name is Fred Garcia i am new to this so i hope i do this correctly. Just yesterday my Mother told me and my brother that she has stage 1 uterine cancer. Naturally we were shocked at first but then we started to think how we would beat this. I know that there has to be some kind of help or organizations that help people like my mother. She has no insurance and since she owns a small home she is considered to make too much to qualify for medical or Medicaid & unfortunately makes too little to afford insurance. If anyone can please help with any information I would forever be grateful. My email address is bfgarcia15@yahoo.com Please any information helps. Thank you and God Bless.

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So sorry that your Mom is facing this battle but she is lucky to have caring children who want to help! I am in Canada and am not familiar with American organizations but there must be someone to help.

You have found a great support network here and so many of us have been where you are... we know how scary it is but we can tell you that there is life after the diagnosis! Every day is a gift for everyone - we have just been reminded how precious life is.

Take care of your Mom, be there for her, help her with doctor and hospital visits and you will be amazed how much that will help her on her path to recovery.

Keep investigating and I am sure other women on here will chime in with some good suggestions for you regarding the insurance.



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I wish that your mother didn't have to face this diagnosis, but she is lucky to have the two of you sons to help out.

It really depends on where you live. Some states, even some counties, have programs to help uninsured people with serious illness like this. Is there a hospital in your area that is the standby for cancer treatment? That could be one place to start, to talk with a social worker there. Another possibility is to contact a Gilda's Club or a Cancer Support Community--again, if you have one nearby--to see if they have people on staff to offer some suggestions.

There are two major cancer centers in my area, southeast Michigan, and I have heard representatives from both of them say that they turn no one away. I hope that you can find somewhere with as compassionate providers who understand just how impossible it is when you don't have medical insurance. Good luck.


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Hello, There is a Facebook group called https://www.facebook.com/uterinecancerawareness?fref=ts - it is run by uterine cancer survivors and they should be able tlo help you out with info etc.

You Mum is very lucky to have such caring kids. Good luck to her.


butebird (a survivor!)

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