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Dry cough

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Dad gets to come home today!!!! He has a terrible dry cough any suggestions?

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Congrats! Now you will find yourself in a whole new dimension. For better and for worse, actually I was so happy when Larry came home, but nervous as well. You and your family can do this. Larry has had a cough with mucus since surgery. So I cant help you there. There have been many postings on here regarding that dry cough, so I'm sure you will get feedback on that. Good Luck today. One day at a time, as I am learning

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I had a dry cough for about two months after my Ivor Lewis surgery. It seemed to get worse when I would lie down to sleep. I took over the counter cough medicine, although I have seen other people post that their surgeon prescribed a cough medication. I have to admit that the OTC I took did not help all that much. But time did.  

From reading posts over the three years I have been part of this forum, I can assure you that it is a common post-surgical side effect, that does improve with time. Perhaps you can discuss it with your surgeon or call and have his staff call in a prescription. Glad to hear that your Dad is home!!!!

Best Regards,

Paul Adams

McCormick, South Carolina

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