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When I was in the hospital, the woman next to me mentioned foot pain along the outer portion of her foot and heel.  She said hers was gone after her surgery and she wondered if that was a sign of cancer.  I also had foot pain so bad over the past few years that sometimes I couldn't stand.  I thought it was the width of my shoes and got wider shoes.  I haven't gone back to work yet so I can't test if I still have the pain.  I'm just curious if anyone else has had foot pain in the outer portion of the foot or in the heel.


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    Lateral foot pain

    The main causes for lateral foot pain are plantar fasciitis, mid foot arthritis, and stress fractures.  Cancer is an uncommon cause for lateral foot pain.  However, many of the problems that occur after cancer such as after chemotherapy could predispose someone to lateral foot pain.  These include neuropathy, vitamin D deficiency, and generally poor conditioning from prolonged illness.