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libia swelling after a radical hysto

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i am 6 post op from having a radical hysto, i had ligements and lymphnodes removed as well as all my female organs. now only one side of my major libia is very swollen, I called my doctor and they said i may have fluid collection from the lymphs being removed. Anyone else have something similar and what can I do.  I am already facing being forced into menopause since I am only 34. So having something else go wrong is devistating.

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6 days post op

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I too have libia swellingon the left side.... I am a week post total hysterectomy. My stomach is also sweeled on the same side.Iam new to this so i guess were arein the same boat. I will watch for others to respond and i am seeing my oncologist monday and i will ask him.


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Swelling of libia and pubis mons is normal after rad hyst. Unfortunately the DRs don't inform pt about it as they should.  I became so swollen I literally couldn't put my legs together. Thought for sure I'd contracted some horrid infection but no, just lymph fluid and normal trauma swelling. Believe me, I lambasted my Surgeon for not warning me about this side effect!!!! I am a year + out from surgery and still have some slight swelling, especially if I am on my feet several hours a day (which I am since I work in a warehouse!) You get used to it.


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I don't have any experience with lymphedema - let alone pelvic lymphedema (not saying you have pelvic lymphedema - only that in what I've read here and elsewhere - that you may want to research this topic more thoroughly). 

I could only find one thread here on pelvic lymphedema.  Click on following link (should open in a new window) http://csn.cancer.org/node/217822

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