Reversed illiostomy with inflamation of the bowels. Can that rise my cea?

HeHellos had a reversed illiostomy in January. My cea was 2.1 before the reversal in January. Now in April my cea is 5.7 . I heard inflamation of the bowels , which can rise your caeca. Anyone have this happen? All my CBC blood work was oerfect.  I Di have my cea go quote when I was doing chemo while I still had the bag it went up to 9. Onc saiit that inflamation can rise the caeca. I only have part of my rectum.   This happen to anyone?   Please email me at [email protected]

It's so bugging me Disconcerting will check me out and then have me do a blood test again in a month.  I feel great. My colon doctor checked me with a scope today . He said everything looked fifine please reply


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    HI!  Here is a good

    HI!  Here is a good explanation of CEA Test:


    My understanding of what the CEA is supposed to be measuring, is the forming of new bloood vessals that feed cancerous tumors.   I have two tumors in the 2 cm range and my CEA is in the 2s.  2 Years ago when I had four tumors my CEA was 1125.   What was explained to me from my Onc, was my current CEA and knowledge of said tumors is that they are growing very slow.  They need more blood vessals to grow fast, like my 1125 CEA.


    The CEA is just one of many markers that are used. H5IAA, Octriotides, and many other proteins will also tell more of the cancer story.   It depends on what type of cancer and where it is located to which protein or blood marker is accurate.  Obviousy my CEA being so low does not tell the truth about my two tumors.


    You do have a trend of your CEA rising.  This should be investigated.


    Sending our thoughts and pryers for a positive outcome. 

    Best Always,  mike