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New to this board very scared and worried

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Hi everyone.I am new to This board .I am formiluer to the Breast Cancer board.I have a long story.I am a Breast Cancer surviver for 4yrs. Now.I have had problems with my bowls for years.I have Colonoscopys every two years.This year I have had two since January.And a scope.I have had a lot of pain in my stomach recently and sever bowl problems.the Dr. Kept brushing me off.I got tired of being treated like nothing was wrong.So I made another appointment.And I told him their is something wrong.The pain is horrible.So after the last Colonoscopy two weeks ago he told me he found a large mass in colon.He said he don't think it is Cancer.I ask what they would do for the mass.He said he dint know.that we would talk about it when biopsies are back.He said he took several biopsies.After each colonoscopy I am in even more pain.He done a double Mack this time.three days without eating and drinking the medicine.Between all that and the stomach pain was terrible. Thought my follow up was tomorrow.It was yesterday and I missed it.Now they won't work me in until next Tues.Another week to wait.I am really scared that this is serios.Can they remove a mass from colon with surgery.I ask if the mass was causing the pain and he said no.So what the heck.Any imput will be appriatted.Thank you.

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To the board. You will find a wealth of knowledge, support, personal experiences, and caring here. I don't know all your particulars, but I did have colon surgery and they removed my tumor from my colon. Next Tue. is a long time to wait....could you call the doctor's office each morning and see if they had any cancellations?  Just an idea.....thinking of you ~Ann

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I understand why you are very scared, worried, and frustrated.  If your stomach pain is intolerable you should go to the emergency room, if not, perhaps waiting until next Tuesday will be ok to receive the report on the biopsies.  You simply may not be able to know what is causing your pain until then.  Sounds like you are a survivor and a strong person.   Hang in there and get to that appointment next Tuesday.  Maybe take a note pad to write down what the doctor tells you, even a tape recorder to record what he says, or have a friend/family member take notes for you.  Are you being seen at a major cancer center? Please come back and tell us what the doctor says.  This is a good board filled with kind individuals with a great deal of experience.  Should you need us, we will be here for you.  Try not to get ahead of yourself with this.

Best to you,



Courage doesn't always roar.  Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying ... I will try again tomorrow.






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Am a newbe myself and this can be a scary road to go down...but try, as difficult as it may be, to be positive....and remember that you are on the best site in the world....there are so many on here who will try to help you and so much experience of similar difficulties.  I wish you well....bless you. 

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Maybe I am wrong, but it sounds to me like another Doctor would be in order. He just doesn't seem clued in to you as a breast cancer survivor and the fears that cancer is back and growing.  Maybe I'm making a rash judgement on him/her, but really, I think you deserve a Doctor that is more sympathetic to your history and your condition now. 

You have come to the right place for support and love. 

I agree with above post about the note book. I keep one on hand and write anything that seems abnormal, no matter how insignificant it may sound.  Then I go through the list with my Oncologist (Doctor, surgeon, GI Doc, Radiation Onc) and have been very lucky to find that my ocn has been very patient and answers me without making me feel stupid. 

I know you have to get permission to tape your appointment, but that would be good too. I know that I hear only about 3/4 of what I'm told, so I am grateful for my note taking and my husband who is always with me. 

Good luck waiting. There really is allot of waiting at the beginning of this journey. 

Can they remove a mass from colon with surgery.

I had a colon resection, where they take a large amount of colon with mass out, right after my colonoscopy as my mass was blocking my rectum and about to rupture. The surgery went really well, and I recovered very quickly. So yes, if there's a mass, I'm betting surgery is in your future. 

We're on your side now. Be sure and come back often with your updates and questions.



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Thanks for your reply.I will keep the board posted.I appriatte it allot.

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Posts: 1184
Joined: Jul 2009

Thanks for your reply.I will keep the board posted.I appriatte it allot.

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