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Update on my husband

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For everyone who read my introduction post.  My husband had been diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer at 35.  They believed from the pet scan that it had spread to his spleen and various lymph nodes and possibly bones.  I saw the pet scan on Monday when we were with the oncologist, it looked so bad.  They explained how this wouldn't be cureable but it would be treatable.  Yesterday he had surgery to remove the tumor in his colon and his spleen.

The doctor came out after surgery to talk with me.  He removed the tumor in his colon.  His spleen DID NOT need to be removed, all of the spots they had seen on the pet scan were NOT CANCER!  They are now calling them granulomas which are rare benign growths.  They are saying that the cancer was localized to the tumor in his colon and surrounding tissue.  He will still need chemo but compared to what we were thinking on Monday I am beyond ecstatic!!

I really do believe in the power of prayer. (okay well I do after yesterday!)  This is better than the best case scenario that we were given.

Thanks everyone especially Jen2012 for your advice and kind words.  Miracles do happen and I will pray that everyone get theirs soon!!

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That is superb news and shows the limitations of pet and other scans. I guess they can't give his stage now till they have the histology but I assume they are no longer saying stage four which is great.

Enjoy and celebrate,


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That is great news for the both of you.

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Outstanding news.

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We are happy he had a good surgery.   Granulomas are basically calcified cycsts and are of no concern.  I have three and all benign.


Best ALwyas,  mike   

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Wonderful news!




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Fantastic news!!!

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What happy news. We like happy news here.

Bless you and you family, especially your hubby. He is young and -other than cancer-  healthy, and that will take him a LONG way. 

Keep us informed. 

prayers and all good thoughts are with you. 

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Wow...great news! Come back with any chemo questions when you know more! Curious..did they biopsy the spleen? How did they know it was ok?

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I have been lurking and reading, but signed on to let you know how wonderful your news sounds.  I have praying for you and your  family.

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great news What a relief.   


Cathleen Mary
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What a cause for JOY!  I am so happy  for your young family. Thank you for letting us share in your joy.

Cathleen Mary

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I've been following your story - what great news for your family!  So happy for you.  Yes, he still had cancer but it was localized.  Now for the next step of the plan.  Best wishes to you!

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Wonderful news!  I've will be in my thoughts and prayers.



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Great news for your family!

Wishing you all the best going forward.


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Jen, yes they biopsied the spleen to be safe but they knew right away that it was granulomas.  Of course we are still waiting on all the pathology to come back until we know all the details but both my oncologist and surgeon have told me that its not stage IV cancer like they thought.  As for his bones, they believe he has sacroidosis (sp?) which is a treatable bone disease that is not life threatening.  From what we understand its similar to arthritis.

The recovery will be rough.  Jack is still pretty out of it from morphine and he still has an epidural in but they are taking that out tonight.  We will find out the official plan for chemo next week.

I guess this just proves those pet scans are not 100%. 

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This is really wonderful news!!  We are here for you as your husband recovers from surgery and starts chemo.  One step at a time  So happy for your young family.




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Awesome news!!!!  the best to you and yours!!  kim

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That is great news!  The power of prayer is amazing.

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