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multipal transureatral receptions

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Hi I have had bladder cancer for the last three years and have undergone 11 reception surgeries in those three years I have to go to a clinic due to not having insurance I see one dr in the office and another in surgery not always the same doctor, I just went thru my last one last month now the doc in the office thinks they may have missed some of the tumors without a scope and says bladder removal is a good way down the road but the doctor who does the surgeries said it would probably be better to go ahead and have it removed because of the frequency of the tumors coming back,after this last surgery it seems my life has changed I have to go to the bathroom at least twice an hour now and have pain when I use the bathroom,I can't drive much more then 30 minutes without really have to use the bathroom bad,having my bladder removed really scares me don't think I can get a surgery where they rebuild a new bladder out of a part of the intestine and having a bag really scares me though I know there are any people who have them,I am 56 years old male and having a great deal of fear of my life changing for the worse,if anyone can give me some hope or more info I would appreciate it, I have also gone thru three sessions of Chemo and one of BCG

                                                                                                                                      Thanks for listening

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