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Nana b
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To today I'm going off chemo. Thats iIt. Done. Not responding to xeloda.  I have no vusable nets. Going for diry, exercise, and TCM and acupuncture.  I had acupuncture last week and had Chinese herb tea persc

Cribed. Chemo has  me tired, I have purple hands and feet. 



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its been a while since i have seen you post.just want to say good luck on your next journey.i had my spleen out in feb ended up with itp and my platelets would not rise above 75,000.tried many options to get them up so i could continue on avastin.well  getting my spleen out worked because my platelets are over 600,000.i have been on xeloda only (1000mg a day)since last june.now i am back on avastin with xeloda(2000mg a day)that is my current journey.are you still working? i know you have been busy living life i sure miss you.as i said good luck on your new journey and i wish the best for you....Godbless...johnnybegood

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It's a hard road. I understand how you must feel.
May the new treatment work well for you. Please keep us posted

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My wife doesn't respond to her oral chemo (low dose UFT-LV) without menaquinone-4 (a K2 vitamer), IV C and perhaps the LEF recommendations (including boswellia, EGCG, querectin etc).  IV vitamin C, PSK and all those crazy high supplements (many far stronger than naturopaths' rec) made even the earlier symptoms of the chemo- folic acid toxicity episode, disappear and give her energy.  Adding Celebrex may have helped drive CEA lower.

Best wishes Nana.  I hope you're able to get to a good result one combination or another.  I tend to add more and more things, carefully.



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I'm guessing they're treating your CEA number since you have no visible mets, right?  

Best of luck! 



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Although my husband is in a different category than you as his cancer is advanced and chemo is no longer effective ... I can report that after he stopped his chemotherapy he has felt better.   Even though we did some complementary therapies all along, we have increased them since ending therapy.

Diet, exercise, TCM, and acupuncture ... this sounds like such a very positive road for you.  The acupuncture has been particularly helpful for my husband's neuropathy and the acupuncturist has also helped with natural Chinese remedies for constipation and muscle aches. 

Have you looked into having your primary care doctor precribe physical therapy?  This is something that is covered by most insurance programs, at least for a period of time, while the other therapies tend to be out-of-pocket.  Just a thought to help you add therapies devoted to your well-being.

Best to you,


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with your new plan.  

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Please keep us updated on how this works for you.  I have been considering TCM vs the strong chemo I am getting.   Have to admit I'm scared to make the switch as I have multiple mets.  

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You should be able to do both at the same time, according to John23.  I don't think the TCM will interfere with the chemo but may actually enhance it.  Just a thought.  I am considering adding TCM to my regimen, but it's hard to know where to start.  There is a local TCM practiioner nearby, so I may start there.


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You don't have to switch, you can do both!


Best hopes,




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Thank you John.  I'm going to look for a doctor.   

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NanaB,  You have inspired us on the juicing.  We have several neighbors and a few friends juicing regularly. We joined a produce Co-Op for fresh produc inexpensively. Thanks for all of the inspirations!  We hope that you find a solution for you.


We are sending our thoughts and prayers.  

Best Always,  mike

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Sounds like you're very comfortable with this decision. Hope this new treatment plan works well for you. Best of luck.


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i wish you the best in your new tx.

hugs & prayers


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Nana b
Posts: 3045
Joined: May 2009

Gosh what typos on that post...  lol  Blind on the dang iphone.  


My husband is saying the same thing do both.   I have an appointment with my ONC he wants to talk to me after I said no more.  He is thinking add avastin, see what it does, then we have the chinese herbs and he can monitor my enzymes.    PHEWWWW!


I started my excerise class today, WOW, only lasted 45 minutes with the Zumba classes.  First class, not bad, I am going to hurt tomorrow!  I just find out that nmy health plan covers a naturopath so I will go back to my doc and get my gut cleaned out again.


No Mets as of last Dec, the ONC tried to do a scan but i have to wait 6 months to get one, from my last,  almost there. 


I am working full time, many hours but it's not bad stress, but keeps me hopping.  Today I ate 2 organic boiled eggs, salad for lunch and for dinner I had some cucumber with lemon and a bit of chicken soup with veggies that I made.  


I need to get my juicer out again and do my greens, I had switched to my bullet to get a meal out of it. I will go back to my asprin, milk thistle, tumeric, vitamin d3, and calcium, that's what i was doing when I was NED for 3 years, got too comfortable


Thanks all

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WOW!!  Sounds like you have a great plan in place!! Kim

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It is always great to hear people making their own autonomous decisions about treatment. We don't have to do what our docs say and we don't have to follow protocols. Whatever you decide is right for you. If yo udo go for a bit more xeloda with avastin, know that I did that for a good six months and it held things pretty static for me with minial side effects. The avastin in particular seems pretty well tolerated.

Exercise, good diet, healthy living- no one can argue with that. Just keep everything in sensible moderation and don't let it all take over your life.



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Thinking of you and saying prayers for a clear vision on next steps.  You are an inspiration to many.




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Nice to see you posting and letting us know what is going on.  I, also, am not on as much as before since losing George.  Your plan sounds like a good plan.   You mention your onc wants to put you on Avastin.  If you have no visible mets why the Avastin.  Since the pills are giving you so muich trouble, question if you could get 5FU and the Avastin (if he thinks you need the avastin).  The infusion only takes about 1/2 hour to 1 hour.  George was on this for about a year and it kept things at bay pretty well.  Now, he was never NED, never would be, he had a lot and some fairly large mets on both lungs and his liver, but it did keep things stable, no new growth, etc. for a long time and George had minimal to no side effects.  Maybe you could question your onc about this one.  Just a thought.   Hope you start to feel better real soon.

Take care  - Tina  

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Nana b
Posts: 3045
Joined: May 2009

I was on 5fu. No infusion sice no mets.  Avastin because xeloda is not working.   He thinks avastin will make it kick in. 


Take care!  Good to hear from you. 

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