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Dad Passed swallow test!!

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We are so elated that dad passed swallow test. He got to drink a little grape juice today and nothing purple came out of any of his tubes. Ng tube is out and so is one of the chest tubed. Lungs are another story, but their making progress. He looked the best so far today. Now crossing our fingers that good news comes from biopsies. Thanks to everyone for all your prayers and well wishes. I got to read all the messages to dad today and he had a year rolling down his cheek. He said that it made him happy and sad at the same time. The sadness was knowing how many suffer from this. He also pointed out that I've never said his name, so he wanted me to formally introduce him, his name is Jeff. He said if he could type he would tell everyone that he is praying for them and to never loose your sense of faith and hope. He said even if he doesn't beat this he knows that he fought hard just like you all. God bless!!!

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That is great news!!! I am so glad things are going well for Jeff. Now for a clean path report!!

Best Regards,

Paul Adams

McCormick, South Carolina

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You really helped us along the way, thank you so much.

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So happy for you and your father, Jeff. Having the ng tube removed is a big step too.!

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