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Is the night time the right time for 5-FU?

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Is 5-Fu given via a pump to take home for 46 hours done so because during the night time liver enzymes that detoxify the liver are more abundant than during the day thus making the 5-Fu less toxic?-


never thought about this......

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I was told that 5FU has a very short half-life (something like 10 minutes), so that to ensure that there is some active in your system, it is given in a 46 hours drip.


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from last sentence of second paragraph



and given the idea that supposedly  2/3s of the efficacy of FOLFOX is derived from the 5-FU it must be pretty potent yet i always thought it was the oxi that was the stronger

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Might also be to minimize side effects. I always get a bolus of about 950mg and then like 5000mg for the 46 hours. 

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When I was getting 5-fu,it was with a chemo pump delivering 1 1/4 cc Hr 24/7. That lasted all 5 weeks I was getting radiation. 2010 was quite a year, but the resection,ileostomy,and reversal worked! My colonoscopy in 2011 showed NED.  Been NED ever since living a normal(?) life.

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 i wonder what the astronauts have to say about this "risk"


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post on circardian rythym and Chemo (here somewhere) ,  the right time makes a huge difference on effiacy and side effects

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