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Orphaned by cancer = Let's talk, connect, and support each other!

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Hi, My name is Jewel and I lost my mom, my only parent, to ovarian cancer in 2008, when I was only 20 years old. It has been soo difficult going through life as an orphan, especially when I am still young and in a time (college) when most college students and most of my peers still rely heavily on their parents. 

I was too overwhelmed and shocked when my mom first passed away to really even navigate support groups, but I would like to make some friends on here for support and friendship. I'm totally cool with just messaging on here, but hopefully if you want to actually have a friend who's gone through this we can exchange emails if you are comfortable or Facebook or something. 

Has anyone else been orphaned by cancer at a young age, or had a parent get cancer at a young age? Or just been orphaned or had to deal with cancer in general? Please share your experiences and coping strategies, and if you want to talk to me personally or connect send me a message!

Bill Baker
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I agree.  It is a difficult time to loose a parent.  You're in a position in the relationship between dependency and friendship-defining new roles.  I am currently going through my own cancer-at the same age as my father was.  I look at my daughter, the age my younger brother was when my father died and hope that she doesn't have to go through the same thing.  

I remember my friends at the time.  They were supportive but young and not experienced with cancer or loss for that matter.  

I am now a medical Social Worker for a Hospice.  Love my work.  

Life is a wonderful and amazing place-as tough as it is as times.



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Hi, I lost my dad this spring. Wasn't from cancer though. None the less he was a single father and did a great job. I don't have any siblings and my girlfriend left me. To make it worse she left me as he was dying. Know I am all alone and I miss my pop's terribly. Im a 40 year old orphan and it's awful. I try to keep my chin up but honestly it's more than I can take and I don't know how to handle any of this.

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Hey Jewel:


I'm not sure you're still checking this site as you posted this a while ago but I lurk around the colorectal cancer board all the time, so hence I did not see your post. Well, to answer your question: yes, I am also orphaned by cancer. I was 10 years old (2007) when my dad and my brother died when my whole family got into a car crash (wasn't even our fault, but the drunk driver who crossed into our lane). Then I had my Mom left who tried to show me that family is still a family. However, she got cancer and in the summer of 2009 she passed away. I was going to be 12 in that December. So yes, I have been completely orphaned by cancer. And it is hard to realize that my family is non-existent anymore....as you say, same here, all my school mates at my junior high have their parents picking them up after school, baking, cooking all the goodies, going on vacation etc. Terrible to see that...So, Jewel, you are not alone!!! And I'm sure there's many more of us just either missed your post like I did, or don't know about this site. I wish you all the best, okay?

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