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question after chemo

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hi guys, im recently going thru my 4th and last chemo round (Ep)

my question is even tho the doctor said be my cancer wasn't high risk, and that i ll practically be under surveillance.

will i nee RLPND?

let me explain my situation, i was diagnosed back in december 2012 

with stage 2b TC, spreaded to 2 lymph nodes than 5cm tumor markers weere at 14

had my right testicle taken out, port put in and all.

my oncologist  said i needed chemo (4 rounds of EP , 5 consecutive days with a 2 week rest in between)

so what do you guys think? i mean i will go thru whatever is needed but, iwas wondering

if was there ever a case where chemo was the only thing to do and then just surveilliance.



any thoughts on this will be greatly appreciated.



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Hi - I'm glad that you are finishing up your chemo.  My husband has been 8 1/2 years post chemo with annual check-ups.  He was Stage 3, huge tumors throughout abdomen/pelvis, surrounding abdominal aorta.  He went through his chemmo and then he went to OHSU to see the Dr that treated Lance Armstrong, can't remember his name right now, but he told us that doing the RLPND would be too risky and that the tumors were dead and it was best just to watch.  He still hass these softball size dead tumors (I imagine they're like stone:)) but he hasn't had any recurrance. Did you have seminoma or non-seminomous?



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Thats good hear hear , he is doing good now and you're still there with him to support.

So he did have NSGCT or SGCT?

Did he make any changes in his food diets after the treatment?



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thanks !! that gives me some hope , my lymph nodes wer less than 5 cm, and were only 2.


hopefully our cases would be similar XD

im glad your husband is ok and tell him i salute him for his courage and rndurance because this is no easy task.... i know for a fact.



Ron Eibschutz
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I just finished my chemo in December and went through the same regiment.  Best of luck.  I went for my follow up cat scan yesterday.  I'm anxious for my results and hoping everything is OK.  

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Hope u r doing good now and u didnt require RPLND.

Even I was diagnosed with stage IIB NSGCT with 2 lymph nodes (1.1 X 0.8 cm) was sign of metasis in July 2013.Right one was diseased and removed.

But I was given 3 rounds of BEP and then 1 round of EP. 

Actually the 'B" drug is very strong and gives lot side effect...

Did the oncologist tell u, why was 'B' drug not given in your case?


It would be great, if you could  mail me at rphil2010@yahoo.com 



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