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What to expect after a simple vulvecomy

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I had a simple partial vulvectomy on 3/13/13 - 13 days after my 63 birhtday--should have played those numbers.  I am requesting a topic of what happens during recovery.  A lot of us have been through the surgery, but need to know what happens after.  One week-two-three-four, etc.  Can anyone help me.  I think it would be good to be able to find a spot where we can go to and see if what we are going through is normal

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Hi Lilly, hope you are doing well. I had a partial radical vulvectomy 4 years ago, I was 55 and I healed very well, I had a few things that popped up that concerned me but doctor had me come in and told me it was all normal. I think the most important thing is to keep area clean, don't wear anything that rubs against it and get rest so your body can heal.

I had one spot that seems to be a large hole, but doc said it had to heal from the inside to the outside and it did! 6 weeks after my surgery I started radiation for 6 weeks and I was all healed up by then, just in time for the burns I would get from the RT, but those healed well also and to this day the area is just fine, you would never know I had a large area of tissue removed, I have gotten used to the missing tissue.

You will be fine, you are not alone, while every one has a little different experience, we all just try to encourage each other to keep going and be strong.

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