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I'm Back...

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I have been remiss in not visiting this site for several months and realized how easy it is to become self-absorbed. I know that as a throat cancer survivor I can contribute to helping newly diagnosed patients who want to hear from others who had the same experiences.

I completed my treatment in August 2010; it was (as it is for all of us) tough: surgerey to relocate one of my salivary glands thus keeping it out of the line-of-fire of radiation, insertion of a feeding tube, insertion of a chemo port, radiation to my neck twice a day for six weeks (6 hrs apart each day) and chemotherapy once a week for six weeks. Fatigue, chemo-brain and thrush were my biggest side effects during treatment.

Post treatment was somewhat tough with all the coughing and mucous; 60-days post treatment I began solid foods but kept it simple: scrambelled eggs, mashed potatos and the like. My tastebuds didn't fully recover for more than a year. I lost 102 lbs during treatment and learned this was primarily due to a problem with my thyroid caused by radiation. I am on a daily medication that has kept my weight stable for about 18 months now. I work hard at staying healthy and have 3 PET scans showing me to be cancer free. I go to the gym 3 mornings a week and do whole body workouts (about 1.5 hrs) that include cardio, core, upper body, arms, lower body. This month will be 3 years since I was diagnosed and I am currently getting excellent reports from my doctors.

I will answer anyones questions but of course I'm not qualified to provide medical advice. I will say this, keep faith, ask questions, follow doctor's orders and keep family and friends close. You can survive; I'm 68 years old now and I survived. Stay Strong.




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Army Guy, it's so great to hear from those who have made it through and can report that life  can return to normal .  I know there are going to be people with a new diagnosis who might see your post as their first intro to this community and get both perspective and hope.  You will have made their day.  There's a tough upfront cost for this cancer, but the return on that investment is priceless.  Thanks so much! 



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have recently finished treatment to hear about survivors who are out there and joined up in the world again.  Glad you are back.


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I was kinda down yesterday thinking that my taste may never come back and you give me hope . I have been out of Rads  5 months and so very tired of no salava and no taste.

Thanks again


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Hi Army_Guy,

Great post! I read a similar one from a 74yo vet who was kicking butt and taking no prisoners. The common thread was positive attitude and motivation to exercise.  At 54, I now have NO excuse to re-new that gym membership after all is said and done and get myself healthy and fit again (I was a 3 day a week no excuse guy up to last year). 

Positive thoughts and prayers  for your continued NED status and progress. It's inspriational to those fighting the battle and those who've moved off the front lines.



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You posting again... (even if you are an Army Guy, LOL)...

How did the salivary gland reloctaion workout for you, seems to be some controversary on effectivenes by MD's..?

JG - Marine Guy

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