Back pain/heart issues?

You guys are going to get sick of me! I was wondering if anyone who has enlarged lymph nodes in the mediastinum/hilar regions have experienced back pain or heart fluttering? Is it possible that the nodes can get big enough to cause issues in these two places? The back pain is in the middle of my back between my shoulder blades.  It gets so bad I can barely walk & it drives me to tears. The heart fluttering feels like my heart speeds up real quick and then abruptly goes back to normal.  These two issues are pretty new so I didn't want to ignore them. Thanks :)


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    I don't have any answers

    I don't have any answers about your back pain or your heart fluttering but I did not want you to feel ignored. I doubt seriously that anyone here is going to get sick of hearing from you.

    I have told both my doctor and my husband, since I have been on this journey, that I don't even know my own body any more. It just seems to be one thing after another! I don't know what is chemo induced, what is from disease, what could be something different entirely. There have been times I didn't even notice symptoms, until asked specifically, because another one was screaming louder and had my attention. It gets very frustrating.

    Don't forget to breatheSmile



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    Tell your Onc...


     A good rule of thumb is to always call your doctor when you have new unexplained pain that doesn't go away in a reasonable time. Even if the pain goes away it's good to write down the date it showed up and everything you felt. Our doctors can only do so much and then the rest is on us to keep them informed. I always have a small list of notes for my Onc when I go in and he's totally ok with it. Let us know what you do and find out. Much love....Sue