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Taxol - 2nd Round

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I'm in the middle of the second round of chemo. I gained a half pound on the weekly official weigh-in. So if I keep up the good work, I may be able to avoid the PEG. (I of course, would use a PEG if it became necessary.) Most of the blood was good so I started on 2 weekly injections of Taxol and Erbitux.

However, my calcium is low. This is dangerous for me because my parathyroids had been damaged in the total laryngectomy. I think the calcium was 6.4 and they worry when it is less than 7.0. (For most people the level is 8.5 but there are lower criteria for the parathyroid damaged.) My endocrinologist called with an adjusted amount of calcitriol (a vitamin-d derivative). I already take the "maximum" caclcium ascetate. (Sorry, I'm loosing my train of tought).

The day after chemo day, and I'm always very wiped out. I don't eat much on chemo day, and I lost about a 1.5 lbs, which I will have to make up over the week.  I will put my  eating challenges in another thread or another part of this thread.

All in all, I'm still muddling thru. Rick.

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Prayers with you buddy, hoping to give you a little added strength to kick butt.


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Thats great news that you are maintaining your weight! Great Job.

Dan had taxol too - we expected it to be worse, and it really wasn't.. but kind of hard to tell which part is bad and which isn't... but he didn't get it's side effects... so guess that's good!

Now look who's rambling..

Take care, and great to hear you doing so well, considering your treatment.


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It sounds to me like you're hanging in there pretty damned good.  You haven't mentioned the word "pain" in a while, so I'm assuming that is history, and even with the chemo you are, or close to....pain free? 

Keep muddling....you're doing great!


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Alway like having you muddle around in here ...so gald you stopped by to do so....

I must say you sound better (or should I say your posts read better) Sealed


Keep it up my friend ....do you still go to Seattle SCCA for all your chemo / treatments?




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All of the positives sound wonderful !  They'll keep an eye on that calcium issue, and they can give you an IV for it.  Can't remember the name of the med though.  My mind has been kinda slow on the draw lately too.  Yes the parathyroid needs to be protected.  But you're doing fantastic !  Hugs sent !   Katie

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Keep your chin up...we all know how difficult this is and we are traveling the road with you in thought. 

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Keep muddling thru.  It is tough but you are tougher!


Good luck with the side effects.



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