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Thank you my many friends

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I am overwhelmed with the many beautiful words shared by members of CSN for David and I.  It has been a long road, lived day by day and sometimes minute by minute.  I am truly lucky to have found a love so deep and pure.  I don't regret standing by David.  He was a great warrior, companion and husband.  He loved me every day and he tried to prepare me for this leg of my journey.  He taught me to stand up for what I believe.  Not be worried quite so much and find times where I can be quiet and peaceful.  David knew people around the world were praying for him and he was very thankful.  I don't plan to go anywhere.  I love the family I have developed.  You accept me all my quirks, complaints and emotional reactions.  It is nice to find people to share my experiences with.

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I'm glad you will remain on our board.  We would love to hear from you often as you like.  I know I have said it already, but I am sorry for the loss of David.  Please take care of yourself now and rest as best you can ....knowing David would probably say the same thing I suppose.

Be sure and tell his mom and brother I offer my sympathy as well.

Bless you all...



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I am so deeply touched by the out pouring of love and compassion that you were able to show and share with David.  My dear girl, I pray that if a time comes in my life that I should have to walk in your shoes...that I could be as wonderful.  My deepest condolances to yourself and Davids Mother and Brother.  My faith is strong, and I know he is in such a beautiful place now.  Please continue to let us know how you are.  And know we will always be here for you.  Hugs sent !   Katie   

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It has been a life experience knowing you and David.  This intimate closeness of the H&N forum is often to the bounds of my emotions.  It is hard to find any good from having cancer, but meeting you and everyone else here it is hard not to appreciate the selflessness.

I have no doubt we all will move forward as better people.

Prayers for you and for all of us.


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Perfectly said by Matt. I feel like I have known you and David a lifetime with all that you have shared with us. You and David have shown many of us the true meaning of life and love, even through it's hardest times. You are and always have been a ROCK with all of your strength. I know that you may not realize that right now, but you will later when you look back. That ROCK that you are will help you move forward each day with life.

It may sound harsh when I say this, but I think everyone on this earth should be touched by cancer (not necessarily themself), to realize the impact it has on people and life. It really makes one think of the importance of living and loving each day as if it were our last. I know that I "love" a little deeper with the loved ones in my life since all of this in our life. I actually lost a very good friend of mine a couple of years ago to a very rare cancer and I thought that was the closest I would get to knowing how precious life was, but then when it hit a closer loved one in my life, it was even more of a wakeup call to me. I feel as though God is sending me a message....I need to get more involved with cancer awareness. I had joined a Relay For Life team(supported by the ACS) back a couple of years ago and have enjoyed the participation, but now it will make me work harder knowing the help and research that is needed.

It would be with great honor to have you stay on this board with all of us, for we would surely miss you if you weren't here.

Prayers for you over these next few days that you must go through.


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I am truly amazed by your strength and love! God is really helping you to go thru this. David really fullfiled his mission here on earth as he managed to connect so many people around the world who were joined in praying. You both also changed me, because you taught me what true love really means. I can almost feel the peace that you're feeling now.

Maybe it's gonna sound a bit weird, what I'm gonna say now, but anyway.... You're free now - free of worry, of sorrow and you can live in warm memory... You know how hard it is to be a caregiver to a person with cancer... And even more when you know he's dying. Many times I wished that it could be over somehow. It seems that is probably easier if someone dies from a stroke or something than from cancer. Because cancer when kills it kills slowly and slowly killing also a caregiver and family, friends... You stop living for the time of being a caregiver because you think and live only with cancer. It's true that you learn a lot along the way, but... it is hard. So, knowing that David is now free of pain and suffering it gives calm to my heart. I prayed strongly yesterday and imagined that he is smiling now from heaven.

Be blessed, dear Vivian! You're in my heart! And yes, please stay with us!!


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I too am so glad you are here. I agree with Katie, what a great role model you are for all of us. The grace and wonderful choices you have made, no matter how difficult, how you face life, they are great examples for each of us to follow in every day situations. There isn't a day where I haven't been impressed with your strength, love and devotion.

I really liked your idea for a book too. Several people have told me the same thing, but I think if I right, I am heading straight to the fiction department. I am a Dean Koontz type of girl. :) But if you need encouragement or get a writers block - we can all support you in your effort with ideas and solutions :)

So, I will be in the book line... I'd like a personally signed copy! I might even have to show up to pick it up.


Hope you are having a good day today..

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dear vivian, u r such a strong person and it is that strength that will get u thru this terrible time.  you have many friends here for you anytime you want us to be.  we'd love it if you stayed on this site and encouraged us all, especially the newbies.  i pray God will continue to bless u with strength to make it thru.  take care and please hang around.

God bless,


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Your love and devotion to David is truly an inspiration to me and I'm sure many others as well. I am so happy to hear you say that you will be sticking around with us. You have much to offer and I'm sure David would want you to share your knowledge with others who are struggling.
I wish I could meet you in person, I really do. I'd wrap my arms around you and give you the biggest hug.
Please know you will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers and I look forward to watching you heal.
With love,

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You are family...family takes care of family... (in-laws are a different story, LOL)...


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