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April H&C Awareness

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I stopped by my local American Cancer Society office today just to see if their was an event I could attended. To my surprise There was Nothing. Not only that they had no idea it was even H&NA month. In today's ACS there only type of cancer here its pink. All Cancers are horrible and you would think the American Cancer Society would represent all cancers. But not true. Not here Not a single pamphlet on H & N & the other types where on the bottom shelf in disaway.

I remember when I first was told I had SCC 14 years ago the American Cancer Society was the first places we went in search of support & information. Today we tell newcomers to say stay off the internet. So where do the new guys go?? 

If you can go by your local cancer society office and just let them know we are alive & here

better yet volunteer I did

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I refer folks to the Oral Cancer Foundation .org website and this forum.....

If you have a facebook page ....I put OCF awareness as my profile picture...If I was Skiffin I would post it here but don't know how.. :)



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I took your lead Tim...., posted it as my FB profile also...

You do know that Brian is a member of this site also, though he rarely posts here..


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how do i find the site on facebook?

God bless,


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thank u.

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Hello !

I'm actually having a get together on Sunday.  At my home to raise a few bucks for H/N research.  I called the main ACS and we can designate monies to this.  So it might not amount to much but I thought why not !  You are right though we don't see enough support out there.  Maybe it's time to raise a few voices hunh ?  Thank you for this inspiring post !  Katie

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Several months ago, after diagnosis, I contacted the local ACS to determine what support was available for H&N. I had heard that "gas cards" were sometimes available. Basically, it was nothing. I find it disheartening that not much attention is paid to the needs of H&N patients. Cancer is Cancer and all types are devastating and life changing. It's nice that funding is ALWAYS available for the "pink" cancer, but why can't it be divided appropriately among ALL cancers, Kind of makes you feel like you're less important than some, doesn't it?



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I was at the hospital today and they actually did have April awareness for head and neck cancer.  I took a brochure and it was called SPOHNC.  Support for people with oral and head and neck cancer.  Rather website is www.spohnc.org

i have not looked at it yet but intend to.  

hope all is well


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