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I am a survior what can you do??

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Today, I ran a 15.28 minute mile. And I am a survivor of brain cancer. Smile

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Hey, that is great! 

I was diagnosed 6 years ago with a grade II oligodendroglioma.  Since my diagnosis and surgery I have completed a marathon, competed in many triathlons, running events and road cycling events, and last summer rode a century (100 miles) in an afternoon with my 14 year old son.  Anything is possible!  Don't let the diagnosis stand in the way of you dreams!

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It gives me hope for my mother.

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Hi Librarymom- I was just wondering about how your surgery went and if you had any treatment beyond your surgery.  I had a grade II oligo in the left frontal lobe removed in Jan of this year that was 100% resected.  I am debating as to weather I should go on and do the chemo (temodar) now or just watch and wait.  I wonder if Temodar will do any good against Microscopic cells that may be left behind or not?  



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Oligo2013 - your diagnosis and results sounds the same as me, expect mine is Grade 3. I am moving forward with the chemo for six months than radiation treatment. I didn't feel conformable doing nothing and neither did my Doctors.

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