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OT - What do you call your parents?

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What do/did you call your parents and what do your kids/grand kids call you?

The reason I'm asking is yesterday I was talking with some people and mentioned my Daddy.  They were shocked that a 66 1/2 y/o woman would still call her father 'Daddy'.     I can't ever remember calling him any other name (well after sons were born and they could talk he was NanDaddy to them and when they were little I did use that name for him with them - if I talk about him with them now he's Daddy).  Different times my mother had different 'names' but Mom was the most enduring.

Daddy's dad was the only G-father alive when I was born and he was NanDad.  NaMa Daddy's mother.  Mom's mother was Nannie.

I'm Gram and Hubby is Grap.  G-daughter's other granparents came up wanted to be called GrandMa and GrandPa so she came up with Gram and Grap for us - works great for us.

"Pet" names for other family members - Boys call my brother Uk Boo (Uncle Bill) that goes back to the time SOOO many years ago when they were little.  ( I call him Toad Frog but don't remember when or why I started calling him that.)

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 I don't think it's weird to call him Daddy.  I call my parents Mom and Dad, pretty boring.  Laughing  It's weird to me how some of the younger generation call their parents by their first name, but maybe that means I'm old, LOL!!

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MY mom was mommy when I was young then I started just saying MOM> If i say mahhh she did not like it. The same with my dad (but he died when I was a teen) so I would say I called him "DAD" since I was 19 when he died.


MY grandsons call me Mema and MY hubby is Papa. My grandfather was POMPA...I am yet to hear anyone use that name.

Both my hubby and I called our grandmas Nanny but our kids called our mothers grandma.



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Probably when I was young, I referred to my parents and Daddy and Mommy.  Eventually I took to calling them Dad and Mom -- still do.  I think some of what people call their parents is regional, sometimes familial.  I have cousins who took to calling their parents by their first names about the time my cousins (5) hit their teens.  I thought that a bit disrespectful.  Not sure what their own kids called THEM as they got older, but when younger, their kids called them the usual names we would for parents.  My uncle and aunt were called Popsie and Mom-mom by the grandkids.

My grandparents were all called either Grandma or Grandpa.  My husband and I are called Papa (sometimes Pop) and Gramma by our grandkids.

One of my brothers-in-law, youngest son and last to leave home, calls his mom "Mother" most of the time.  Not quite sure why, as the others in the family don't.  (My husband is one of 16 kids.  He is #11.) 

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I believe one should call their parents whatever they feel like it, whatever is comfortable to them.  If you want to call your father "daddy" whose business is it but yours and your father's.

I heard on a documentary Queen Elizabeth call her mother (the late Queen Mother) "mummy" over and over.  They were watching their horses racing and both were quite excited.  If the Queen could call her mother "mummy" why can't you call your father "daddy"?

I call mine, mom and dad.  Since we are French, my children called them "Memere" for grandmother and "Pepere" for grandfather".  I still call my aunt and uncle when in crisis or great moments of joy "ma tante" and "mon oncle", when normal, I called them aunt or uncle.  My nephews and niece call me aunt, they have all dropped the French version of the title.

I think it should be unique and comforting.  There is no right or wrong in what we call our family members.

Just my 5 cents worth,


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