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My lovely mum has gone

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Mum left us on the 1st of April ( her and dads wedding anniversary) she had been struggling to breathe despite having oxygen, dad called my sister and I to go over as she was struggling and within 10 minutes of me getting there she past away, she was in her bed surrounded  by her family even the dog, she had desperately wanted it to be like that and she chose her time, we are all devestated that mum has gone but the relief that she is free from the pain she endured is a massive relief, she was so brave through it all, sometimes I struggle to remember her as she was before, it has only been two and a half years but it seems like forever that we have been dealing with the beast that is cancer....... We are arranging her funeral and we have chosen a cream wool coffin it is beautiful, she is in her own village at the undertakers and they are looking after her until the funeral, all this has given us much comfort, we are having a very simple cremation with no religious content at all, just poems and music.

I wish all those on this board love and strength to fight on and beat this thing, hugs to you all


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I am so sorry to hear about your mom. Just know she is in a better place and pain free. This cancer is a beast for sure. I have only been in remission since August and know in the back of my mind it will return for I was a Stage 4 and it was very aggressive.  I am thankful to be alive but it makes me sad for the cancer and aggressive chemo robbed me of so many things. I will never be the same and I am having a hard time accepting that. Take care and RIP Stella.

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So very sorry to hear about your mom.  Many of us have lost our mothers and know that whatever the cause, it's a very hard thing to face.  Knowing that your mother battled cancer for so long makes it even more difficult.  I hope you and your family can take some comfort in knowing that she died in the manner she wanted and that she is now pain-free.  Your memorial plans sound lovely.  I trust you will always recall many fond memories of your years with her.  Peace.

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I am thinking about you, Stella.  A hard thing to go through.


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I'm really sorry to hear your brew Sue. My heart goes out to you and your family. X x

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I'm so very sorry to hear of your Mum's passing Sue.  Cancer robs us of so many loved ones, and those of us who are also fighting this disease know how difficult it is to endure endless rounds of chemotherapy.  Your Mum is at peace now....



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Hi Sue. So very sorry that you lost your mum too to this dreadful cancer. As you might remember, my mum past away in october last year and we are still trying to hold together in the family and let mum "live" through us children and her husband (not my biological dad). Time does heal but we really have to work it. We do meet in family (got one brother and one sister younger than me) and try to make our own traditions togehter with mums husband. I hope you will cope and that you will have the funeral thet you want (and your mother wanted). Just like you my mum passed away with us sorrunded and it was the most hard thing I have went through. Mum was my rock, my attachment to reality.. I do miss her so much. Lots of strenght to you and your family.

Love Sophie, Sweden


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So sorry to see your post Sue.   You would have been such a wonderful support for your Mum and now you all need to support each other.  So good you were able to arrange the funeral just as your Mum wanted.   I have just returned from a little holiday so a little slow in getting back to you.  While I was away did my best not to think about cancer and therefore didn't read posts either.   Sending you a big hug from the other side of the world.

Julie x

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