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Can't seem to get this treatment started.

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My husband had surgery, got his RO and MO all aligned, finally has his treatment date, got fitted for the mask (second time, once before surgery) and now the RO wants him to have another PET because she saw something on the pre-radiation CT scan. Talk about scanxiety! 

I think it's gonna have to be a double dose of the Ativan tonight.



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Just breathe and try very hard to relax. Even if there is something else in there, you are going to have rads and chemo anyway so hubby will be fine. This will just tell her if she needs to change the field of rads at all. Please don't stress anymore than you already have, you're in great care and I feel confident that he is going to be fine.
Keep us posted and know that we are here for you.

By the way, my RO saw something on my Pre rad scan too and it turned out to be just another node and it was in the area to be radiated anyway.

Take care and know we are all here for you.

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Don’t worry, be grateful that your team is making final adjustments; you want to do every thing you can to get rid of the beast.



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..but I did add a prayer all will go well.  Hang in there!


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Ingrid K
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I know it's hard to keep pushing back the start date, but consider this a good thing.  If they suspect they may have to adjust the radiation fields, now is the time to do that.  I think they are just being extra careful and hubby can start the process soon.

Sending you both good vibes.

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sorry about the set back but  like the others said, better sooner than later.  i will be praying for a good outcome.

God bless,


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