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Hi folks, Im new here so please bear with me. About 15 months ago my sister in law had a small spot of cancer on her breast removed by surgery and followed up with radiation. The doctors said they were quite sure they got it all and that it wouldnt be back. Her latest xray or mamogram showed 3 more small spots on the same breast last week. The surgeon said they need to do a biopsy and see what they are dealing with. He said there is a possibility that it may be new cancer or might be califcations from the radiation. My sister in law is now scared out of her wits and is convinced it is cancer again and she said whenever cancer comes back it is very aggressive. Please forgive my mis pronounciations but I hope this makes sense. Any input would be appreciated. Is there a good chance that it might not be cancer? Thank you.

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Of course we are all so differnent but to give you some good thoughts..I had BC 4 1/2 yrs ago-i was back for one of my reg mammos/ultra sound and they SAW "something susupious". after many ultrasounds, mammos, biopsy and surgery (LUMPECTOMY) in Nov-it was only SCAR tissue-Happy to say...


I"LL be thinking of you and your family..



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I will certainly be praying for you sister in law that it won't be cancer.  Did her doctor's want to do a MRI before they take a biopsy or not?  The reason I say this is after my core needle biopsy, I had a MRI to make for sure that there was no more bc in that breast or in the other.  Cancer sort of lights up in the area with cancer.  And, they didn't want to do the lumpectomy at that one spot if there was more. Or, it could be scar tissue.  Many have scar tissue that shows up.  

Try to stay positive and keep us posted.


Sue :)

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