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Needles tomorrow

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Ready for a pocket, just like everyone else on the board tonight, I can't think of much else other than David and Vivian.

Tonight I am suppose to be clearing my desk for the next day and a half -- I am off. Absolutely no concentration on business.  Tomorrow is the needle biopsy on my thyroid, and I abhor needles -- although I am always good at taking them... I am hypersentative to Lidocaine though because of prior heart issues, so most of the anxiety is will be if using carbocaine be an issue, and after waiting 3-4 weeks, I don't want to have to wait longer to find out whats in my neck, I've had one spot swell up and go down and swell up and go down right where my lymph nodes are on my collar bone.. it's probably nothing, but poor timing... ... I am ready for the next stage of worry, the part where the needles are over and the doctor calls. Then Friday I visit with the spine specialist to determine why 1/3 of my back is numb.. (I needed a distraction!) I do have 3 buldging disks in my neck.. take your pick!,, And I am not getting anywork done yet tonight. It's going to be a long night followed by an early morning.

You know getting older isn't as advertized! and when did 53 get 'that' old?




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Best of luck tomorrow.  I hope all your testing falls your way.  I mean, who is going to read the latest H&N sagas to Dan if you are down.




Prayers for David & Vivian

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Thank You Matt,

Finally finished what needed to be done. Up in 5 hours to get ready to go to Philly one more time. Tomorrow is an all dayer for us.

And thanks you made me smile on an uncomfortable day... the thought of Siri having to read posts to both of us! .. :)


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Whispered a prayer for you (and several for Vivian and David today / tonight) ....Sorry you have to worry ..it really stinks I know ...

Keep us posted ....



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.... a side pocket in my sweatpants... getting rads this morning and don't want you too close to the machine ;)~

Positive thoughts and prayers


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You can handle it, just another day in the life....

Life being the key word..., so as long as your kicking, you can handle it...

Show No fear....


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kari, praying for good results.

God bless,


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Hi all,

Thanks for the pockets! - On to the next stage of concern, but my concern isn't over the end result.. I realize after this afternoon, that this isn't really a biopsy of my thyroid. First they US'd my neck again, and decided the dominate on the right and one other nodule that seemed suspicious needed biopsy's.. so they used one needle to numb me, and 5 needles to draw cells. And finally one needle got a few cells. Then they decided that my other nodule was to squished between the big one and my jugular, so they decided it should not be biopsied, not that it's any less suspicious. So with 6 nodules, and one side full of big ones -- they have one biopsy from one area.. Doesn't seem as thorough as one might hope for!

Then I found out I bruise really easily, and now have a big lump in my throat, that makes me want to cough, and am hoarse. And when I cough, you can peel me off the ceiling - ouch! I hit a bad bruise, and my ear is electric... too many nerves attached to too many things! This should be fine in a few days, I am sure tomorrow I'll be fine!


Thanks for your caring and support,

Crabby and Whiney :)  (aka Kari)

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Hope your doing better now....


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My husband just had a fine needle aspiration of a thyroid nodule last week. The ENT surgeon saw it on my husbands first post treatment CT scan. Radiologist didn't mention it. Anyway, dr called yesterday and it is thyroid cancer and so another surgery is in order. I know how you feel. Hoping all turns out well for you


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Seems like csn pockets are crash pads....as soon as one vacates, another hops in.  Mine is very cozy....I'll squish over to make room. Hopefully I'm out by Tuesday....keep you posted.  I think not knowing is the worst, knowing but waiting a close second, action is best, recovery....not so easy.  Here's to making the wait time short and for good results that need no plan of action.

psending positive vibes.


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