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Remeron and Help!!! I need reassurrance!!

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Just wrote a long long missive a few hours ago, and it never appeared....quite frustrating!...here I go again


2 things:


1    anyone with any experience on Remeron? Does the fatigue go away?

just came back from psychiatrist with this prescription


1     The psychiatrist was very nice, but somewhere in our conversation  the words "end of life" came out of her mouth....I dont know in what context..she was looking at my chart


A few weeks ago, when I was between chemos, I felt almost normal.....just some lingering fatigue, which is normal post chemo.....I was swimming, travelled to Montreal to my father's funeral, absolutely no cancer symptoms...also my blood count is normal   my hemoglobin is 127....no "anemia of chronic disease"....

Does this sound like "end of life" to you?

Those words coupled with my depression resulted in my return home with hysterical crying....dont want to talk to anyone about it except you ladies


I need to get back on track with positive thinking


any time I have an MD appointment at Princess Margaret Hosp....since  the beginning of this wonderful "journey", I come back infused with negativity and anxiety


I am looking to you ladies for hope and help and positivity

I love the idea of cancer being viewed as a "chronic disease" that can be managed

If one thing doesnt work, there must be something that does

Tomorrow is weekly Taxol #5

Monday I have an appointment with my oncologist and I am terrified she will say "it is not working...go straight to Palliative"


What about something else, like GEMZAR?

I wish I had more energy... to go to Sloan Kettering..though this is a possibility


Would love to hear from you ladies

I feel fine except for fatigue

Please tell me this is not "end of life", and if this weekly Taxol is not working, there are still other options


love and knishes,


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Don't let words run your life.    I know easy to say.   But when I was initially in the hospital after my staging and they didn't find anything further, (I had two surgeries)  my mom was in the room and said to the doctor "then she [daughter] is cured".  The doctor jumped in right away and said no, she is not cured. She is treatable.  Also when my husband and I met privately with this doctor he only said that it was "treatable".   It is also probably why they let my port in for six years, a whole 5 years after I was done with treatment.  


Beila, keep doing your activities.  Yes, the bad thoughts do creep in your head but think of all the positive things you are doing.   If you didn't hear those words, you would not be upset now and would be going on with your life.   Don't get dragged down by these words.  Further, you are assuming she saw it in your charts but may have just brought it up because she, like many, hear the words cancer and think that.

Also fatigue - I don't think it ever goes away for me!   


I am sorry you are feeling down.  



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Hi Beila,

I've already been referred to palliative because of "depression" but I must admit the thought at first was a bit disconcerting.

Re: remeron. Without my doctor's knowledge I have started discontinuing this drug. I see her next week and hopefully she will be supportive. Reason? I don't know if this medication helped with depression at all. My chemo nurse assumed that my fatigue was depression and started me on the path of antidepressants. I continue to be overwhelmingly fatigued 7 months later! That is pretty depressing. One common side effect of remeron is fatigue so I am ruling this out by discontinuing. My poor body has been through so much since September I'm actually doing pretty good considering.

Beila, I'm happy that the combo of carboplatin & taxotere is effective for me as evidenced by drop in ca125. i know you do not get this test. when will you get scan? You need some good news! My drop in ca125 was first good news I had in a year.

It is sobering to be considered dead or close to it. I have my moments- thinking about funeral, process of death, etc. I wonder how long I would last if I stopped treatment. Thank goodness my husband is such a positive support to me. I'm blessed.

I hope & pray remeron & taxol are both helpful to you.

Mary Ann

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