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The good, the bad, and the ugly

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The Good The Bad and The Ugly

The Good

I have a good friend Pat, we call him “Moon” going through tonsil cancer and today he completed 15 of 35 radiation treatments with absolutely no side effects. That’s right folks no sore throat or nasty mouth sores. I could hardly believe it

The Bad

He also completed his first Chemo session and had a reaction causing his vitals to begin to shut down more specifically his kidneys. He spent 4 days in IC unit and was a few hours short from going on dialysis.

The Ugly

Kevin, a guy I work with was given word yesterday he may have stomach cancer. They need to do more tests which will make him cocoa for cocoa puffs for two weeks before his CT Scan. I had an important meeting right after he came back from his doctor appointment yesterday but right after my meeting I went into his office and had to give him ROYAL HELL because there he was surfing the net. Today he admitted that last night he couldn’t help himself and went surfing again. I turned him on to CSN while I hope and pray he doesn’t have this dreaded disease.


Please keep Moon and Kevin in your prayers, one to get through, and the other not having to go through.

Thank you all


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Thought you were talking about Cris, Matt and me ...

Not to jinx Pat any, but he is right on the verge of his worse days to come... doesn't mean he'll get any of the things you mentioned... I made it through with no mouth sores, no extreme pain, and basically a bad sun burn... But did lose the taste and saliva... as I've heard, "We are all different"..

Dang on the chemo..., sounds like Cisplatin, and they didn't flush his kidneys enough... Man they gave me lasix I think, and I was off to the pot evey 10 minutes, dragging my pump along..., LOL. I started to think I was from the orient..., especially since they labeled me, "The Pee King"...

Prayers for both, and especially for Kevin, hopes he'll luck out and not have to battle Jack as T calls him.


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to tuck a couple of fellows in Laughing, so consider it done.  I was another who made it thru rads with no mouth sores or much of a sore throat, too....wonder how that happens???  5FU kicked my butt, tho....got me real humble for the last 3 months of treatment.


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i will be praying for Moon and Kevin.  I'm glad they have a good friend like  you and that you sent them to this site.  u will also be in my prayers.

God bless,

debbiejeanne   .

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Ask Moon to check if the machine is plugged in, it could happen.


I am hoping the best for Moon and Kevin.



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..that they will both be well and do well ....

Keep us posted,



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