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Thyroid cancer

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Well my husband had first post treatment CT scan. ENT surgeon saw suspicious thyroid nodule. Had a biopsy last week and doc just called . Here we go again...it's thyroid cancer and he needs surgery. Discouraged to say the least. I know he will be ok it's just a huge let down.


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Removal is the method to deal with this right....removal and using thyroid replacement meds.  I know it's been a long road having just finished treatment for the HNC, but they caught this right away....he is going to be ok....



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Dear Phrannie,

Thank you so much. Yes he needs surgery. Just so disappointed. We didn't even make it through one post treatment CT. I know all in all we are lucky, compared to some others on this site who are suffering so much more.  Just didn't see it coming.

Hugs back to you


Funny , I took a break from the site ...just needed a break from cancer but, now I 'm back just like the cancer.


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Stinks for sure to have to go through any cancer related Dx/Tx especially a second round.

Just know we have your back, and will be here for support whenever you need it.

Thoughts & Prayers,


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Thanks John for continued support for us and all on this site. God love you


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It isn't fair, and it sucks to be in process, and....


on the glass is half-full side, it likely will end just fine.  Just keep plodding along.  One day after another.  Keep the faith.



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joan i'm so sorry to hear you have to take the journey again.  i'm thankful tho that they caught it early.  we will all be here for both of you when u need us.  try to keep faith and hang in there.  you will both be in my prayers.

God bless,


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Sorry to hear your husband has another obstacle to deal with. My husband was finishing treatment for sinus cancer last summer and they also found thyroid cancer. He had surgery in Aug and took the radioactive pill which was suggested for him in Feb.  He is feeling pretty well. Although he was bummed when he found out about another cancer, it has a much better prognosis than his original cancer so we look at it in that light. Hope all goes well for your family.

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Sorry about this turn of events, it truly sucks.  I am glad your doctor is on top of there things.


This is just a pause in his future clean scans.


You are welcome here anytime

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Really, thyroid cancer? I can't believe it that the nodule was actually cancerous. But please don't lose your spirit... everything will be ok. I hope the surgery will be done fast and you can both breathe again. And I pray for the clean scan in the future.


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Sorry for this bump along the way to NED ...but by golly you will get there, just a minor detour ...met a guy the other day who had thyroid cancer and had been treated for it years earlier ...he said it was "nothing" that he suspected it would be (he meant that it was way easy, the surgery and the treatment and stuff) and he has been back at it working for years with no signs or side affects... I have heard that thyroid cancer was one of the easiest / best to treat. 

All the same I whispered a prayer before hitting submit that you and your husband come out fast and clean on this setback....I can only imagine how bummed you are ...hang in there.



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Ingrid K
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Awww, Joan,

Damn cancer anyways.....this is so unfair...one cancer is plenty to deal with.

I was really hoping that this would turn out to be nothing of any concern.  So I will be sending more prayers your way that hubby can get through this new bump in the road with a quick recovery from surgery and can be back on the road to recovery ASAP.

Sending cyber hugs to you both.


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wow.  I'm sorry for the turn of events.  Keep us updated my thoughts and prayers are with you.  Katie

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