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Probably David's last day

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David has been running a fever 104, which I has not responded to meds. they've tried ice packs and a bath. He is unresponsive fever wise and just to people. The nurse thinks he may have a few hours left. 

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Bless you both.



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No words are right.. but we are here beside you in spirit. Just prayers for David and prayers and comfort for you too.


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and you, Vivian....he has fought a huge fight.....it is time to rest.


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Vivian , I am so sorry that you and David are having to go thru this . I don't know how you have stood this , you must be a very strong person . I have read all of your post and have wanted to reply so many times but just didn't have the words and I can't type so I have to hunt and peck and I was crying so much I couldn't see the letters . I just wanted to let you know that I care about you and David . You are in my thoughts and prayers .


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Been following you on the Caring bridge website. So , so sad for you and David. My heart breaks for you and him. No words can express my sadness. With you in spirit ...


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I am so sorry and spiritlly right there with you, may the Lord welcome him and grant you peace!

I am praying,


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Prayers for David that he find peace and prayers for you that the same peace will permeate your soul and allow you to see and feel him with you. May God's mercy and grace pour abundantly on you both.



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I'm so sorry for everything you and David have been through. You've been amazingly strong. On some level, he knows you're there with him. I'll be thinking of both of you today.

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My heart hurts for you and David. Just so very sorry.



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I am very sad to hear this may God hold you both in his arms and give you some peace.  I am truly sad to hear this...he fought hard and you were there all along the journey...God Bless both of you.

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T's and P's Vivian

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Prayers for you, and prayers for a peaceful journey for David...


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to grasp, I feel like I know you and David..like a good friend is passing~~Peace

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vivan, u and david are n my prayerrs.  i pray God will bless you with His comfort and peace. 

God bless,


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So very sorry. You and David will stay in my prayers. You've had such a tough road. May you and David find some Peace. Rick.

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I want you to know how heavy my heart is for you and David both. I've prayed for you several times today and asked God for a smooth transition for David and for peace for you. I've asked that you feel at peace in your heart and in your mind that you have been the best wife and caregiver to David. You truly are an angel, David's angel and I pray that you will feel his love all around you all the time.
With love,

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David is still here in body but that is all. His core temp is still real high, but his feet are like ice. He hasn't moved all day and his heart rate has been 155-165 all day. It is harder for me now that it is night. The doctor has signed the dnr order for fear he won't make it until morning. David now weighs 124 pounds. 

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May God have mercy on David and come take him home, where there is no pain, nothing but love, and may you be given enough faith to know that David will always be with you. Though it may seem years to you that you are apart, to David it will be mere minutes. God Bless you Vivian, like Billie said you are an angel and David has served the Lord and the Lord will take care of him and you as well.

Prayers and love and hugs to you,


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prayers for peace for David and you!



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Vivian, My heart breaks for you and you are in my prayers. I will be praying that David has a peaceful passing. You both have been thru so much and he has fought a good fight and it is time for him to rest. I hope knowing that you have so many people here praying for you and caring about you makes this just a little easier for you.

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I'm sorry Vivian..... no words are appropriate.  My thoughts and prayers for you and David.  Such a beautiful beacon of light he and you have been ....it does feel as if we are losing a family member....

Your online family cares and loves you guys ....




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I am wrapping my arms around you from afar.


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I don't post as much as others, and no words that I type tonight will ease your mind. But hopefully, as you read all the replies above, you will feel some comfort that we are thinking of Both of You.

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I am sorry to hear David's final hours on Earth have arrived. He knows and you need to know that you were the best provider to him during these excruciatingly difficult times. Know he will be released from these worldly shackes and free at last forever. No pain, no suffering, only pure love and happiness with God.

Stay well and God be with you.


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I just wanted to share while I am still awake and waiting. David said yesterday afternoon "Thank you for the many sacrifices you made for me."  How sweet is/was my husband. He is still technically alive, but he doesn't appear to be here. Just waiting for the final breath.  

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Dear Vivian!

I'm strongly thinking and praying right now for the peace finally to come for both of you!! May your heart be filled with warmth and love that you and David had in this past year. May you fell peace in your heart knowing that David is going on a better place without pain. May you feel peace for your life to start again and breathe easily in the air of freedom. I pray for David to cross the other side without pain and in peace!

God bless you both!

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..you to know I just whispered a prayer for you and David.....thinking of you and holding you both up in my thoughts / prayers.


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I cannot imagine how you feel at this period of watching your loved one be on the verge of leaving you.  I guess the most difficult part was letting him go and not let him suffer the pains of this dreaded disease any longer.  I can only offer a prayer and wish you well in the coming days.  God Bless

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May you feel God's presence, as always, during this time.

Praying for grace to sustain you, Vivian.

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