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There are no meds out there for me

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My onco is at a lost for words there are no drugs out there for me to take or studies I can get in. So far I am stable which is good . The weight has dropped alittle. My body just said enough it became toxic to me to take the drugs. One supplement I am taking seems to have help the pain I have been in big time it seems I am no longer dealing with the very bad nerve pain in my feet and hands. No more pain docs for me. Now just to get the sleeping right I will feel like the old me again. I have changed my diet again. I am sending my reports to a nat onco. the reg onco is understanding and willing to try this . Now just let me find some work . I have made it this far and I have many more years left in me. I am starting a blog about what I went through in this journey . Easter was kind of bad for me my mom`s bday was that day this year. She passed in 1989.  

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you found something to help with the pain. My body too has found some of the meds to be toxic to my system. Unfortunately tamoxifen was one of them and I have been allergic to Afinitor, and some of the chemos worked for a bit then lost their effectiveness, and yet others did not slow the progression. I am glad to hear that you are stable right now. That in itself is good.
Best of luck with your natual ocncologist. Acupuncture has reallyhelped along with reiki in cont rolling breakthrouh pain.

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My daughters B day also on Easter. Sorry to hear of your mom and it being a  hard  day. I try to remember & think about theh GOOD times and push the rest to back of my memory.


In regards to Drs and med I am sure you have had 2nd opinions-but just a thought if not.


Thinking of you


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So happy to hear that you are having less pain!  Boy that's good news.  Now I pray that you can figure out a way to get a good nights sleep so you can feel even better.  

Hugs coming your way,


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Hi there,

Glad that there is one supplement that you are taking that is helping and that the worse pain in your feet and hands are gone.  That is something to cheering about today.

Easter was not great for me either.  My dad entered hospice this week, there is no longer anything they can do for his congestive heart failure.  All medication has been removed and he is on Morphine and Ativan.  He told my sister that the process of dying is taking longer than he had expected.

It's been a hard week after his two heart attacks, coma and now the end of life process.  It is all a part of life and we need to accept this part along with all the good memories of the past.

I am glad that you did find a small silver lining in those dark clouds.



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Gentle hugs, hope and prayers that you can find an Oncologist out there to provide you with some sort of releif - My heart, and prayers go out to you, your new husband and family.


Vicki Sam



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