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delay in chemo

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I was supposed to have my 5th round of chemo today but my platelets were low so I have to go back on Thursday and have them retested and hopefully can have my chemo then.  Has that happened to anyone else.

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6 times out of 7 my blood test numbers were within range; one time they were slightly below normal, I refused to go home, signed some kind of waiver and got my chemo anyways. I think I was pissed off about having to pay for parking twice or just cranky, don't really remember. They were happy to pump me full of Benadryl and watch me pass out rather than listen to my complaining.

I saw a few women (one of them was the most darling tiny 84-year-old Italian lady with Altzheimer's and advanced ovarian cancer and her 66-year-old daughter-interpreter) scheduled for chemo who were told by a nurse to go home and come back in a week because of low platelets / RBC.

It's annoying once you're already psyched to have chemo. But it's certainly better to let your body rest and recuperate than pushing it to the limit.

Best of luck to you Chris!


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I didn't have the same experience of having low platelets, but I wanted to tell you that I just read the post from your daughter ("Proud of Mom").  Wow, what a terrific, supportive and loving daughter you have.  I'm sure she's helping you get through this ordeal.

Hang in there,


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Thanks Kelly yeah she is the best support ever she is my chemo buddy she sits with me when I have my 4 hour treatment.  And she goes to every doctor appt that I have

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