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underwent Thyroid nodules

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My husband recently had his first post treatment CT scan and the ENT surgeon called last week and said he saw a small (1cm. ) area on his thyroid and so he needed a biopsy of this. We had the biopsy done but , of course, I am back in worry mode. Trying not to but you know how it is... this cancer thing has really messed with my mind since last July.

Has anyone had any experience with this. Hoping that I have nothing to worry about.


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Not exactly a perfect match here, my husband had the tonsil cancer, and I am having the biopsy's on Thursday this week,.. it's been a very long wait.

From everything I have read though, that even if it is cancer, if the nodule is within the thyroid walls the treatment is nothing like you'll been through.

I'll say a little prayer that it's nothing!


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Not a big deal, very common. Don't sweat it too much. ENT did a fine needle aspiration in the office. Just stuck this huge needle through my neck soley on experience, I about had a heart attack.  They also use ultra sound for this so don't be surprised if the test is ordered, again that is standard operating procedure and these things are quite common.

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And prayers your way...


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Ingrid K
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Hi Joan

Don't freak out too much about the thyroid nodule.  I have one also, and my ENT and GP both said it is quite common to have a nodule and that most people my age (57) have one and don't even know it.  In our case with the cancer history, they just want to be doubly sure it's not something else. 

Sending prayers that it's nothing to worry about.

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Better to error on the side of caution. Likely not anything but best to folllow through. Prayers coming your way.

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At my dad's first CT they also saw a small thyroid nodus and they did not seem to worry about it at all. Actually they said it's nothing. So don't worry!

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