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Update - still in PR!!! Next appt in 6 months!!

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Hi All,

The subject line was the great news!!

The other news (and perhaps the reason for my terrible anxiety) is that my oncologist passed away on Saturday from cancer.  (Not lymphoma)  What a shock! ! They handled it well, brought in a social worker with a nurse (that I know very well) to tell me.  I knew my doc was being treated for something  but didn't have any idea that it was that bad. Her life was her work and she worked up until Thursday. I'm so sad.  She's been with my from the beginning of my journey and now I don't quite know what to do or where to go. They are setting up a foundation in her memory to raise money for research.

They assigned me a new oncologist who is probably very nice and competent but I couldn't tell you based on today.  I met her but of course wasn't impressed because today nothing would impress me.  

Dr. Gitelson - may you rest in peace.  Job well done.





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How sad Donna, what a shock.  Best wishes as you sort out your feelings and get comfortable with your new doctor.  My male oncologist had breast cancer and a stroke from treatments.  I am thankful he still is able to see me.  I know no one is immune from cancer but I always thought it is so cruel for this to happen.

My sincerest sympathy,


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Our thoughts are with you.  It has to very heartbreaking, so sorry. Bill & Becky

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Wow Donna!  Cancer sucks.  I'm sorry to hear this.  


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Cathy,Bill,Becky and Jim,


Thank you for your kind words.  As I spoke to a friend earlier today and explained what had happened she wisely said that my doctor lives thru me.  And that is true she does - thru me and all of the other patients that she has saved over her career. 

She loved to hike as I do.  I'll be doing a lot of hiking this summer for both of us!




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That's a beautiful memorial Donna and a poignant way to deal with your emotions. Your doctor would be proud.

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Hi Donna,

How sad that your Onc passed and more from this terrible disease. What you posted above is really true and beautiful, May God Bless all the Doc's for helping us! Hope you find another excellent Onc...take care sweet lady (((HUGS)))



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When I was a kid my mom's I.M. doc was one of three brothers who were all MDs:  He was internal medicine, one brother was a plastic surgeon, and the third was an oncologist. Only the oncologist died young --- and of cancer. Too ironic, too odd.

I hope you love your new doc,


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Hi Donna,

 I'm happy for your good news and also sad you lost your Onc. A lot to deal with all at one time. I hope your new Onc will satisfy your needs and eventually win your heart over...all in good time. My thoughts and prayers are with you dear.

Much love...Sue  (FNHL-2-3a-6/10-age62)

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