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Second Opinions

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Getting a second opinion seems to be a popular subject around here and I wanted to share my recent experience. I never asked my doctor for a second opinion, but he himself referred me for one to Duke University. (His word was "consultation", not second opinion if that helps anyone ask for one). 

The Duke doctor sent my biopsy reports to their own pathology department to be read and that is where things got interesting. After 5 rounds of chemo, my diagnosis changed! I was originally diagnosed with Transformed Marginal Zone NH Lymphoma, Stage 3B. According to Duke University, I had Follicular NH Lymphoma, Stage 3A.  Upon learning this, my local doctor turned to the local pathologist and asked the slides be read a 3rd time.  The local pathologist then concurred with Duke. 

My doctor assured me that treatment would have been the same either way.  But I remain sketchy in my mind about what this means.  I have an appointment with my local doctor Friday and I will be asking for further clarification.

So, I offer the concept of asking for a second opinion on pathology.



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