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CD 47 Clinical Trials

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Just got an update, this trial is not set to start now until early 2014...  I was disappointed, was hoping it would make it through to 2013 which was what they were hoping mid- 2012.  It is so promising!! 

Here is the link... if anyone is interested.


This is led by Dr Weissman and his team of researchers.

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WOW, that is cool!  I wish they could move faster!!

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Thank you for passing this info, as I was wondering because I could not find this trial at the goverment website.

You and Marty can be a part of the trail. While you have mentioned that your insurance is not sallowed any kind of research/trail studies, often the Sponsor is picking up the tag. A Screening for a clinical study (bunch of tests and evaluations) is usually paid by the sponsor, then some of the treatments are billed to insurance as Standards of care and the other services are paid by the sponsor too.  If you can find a institution who is willing to work with your situation you can be a part of CD 47 study too.

We all can make it faster


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