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Just an update!

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So after a relaxing weekend I decided to get a biopsy from another doctor. As much as I adored the past one he is on leave, and I just want to get this over with. So a week from today I will be having another biopsy. If this one comes back like the other one I am packing up my things and going to a better hospital. I know I shoud be doing that now. But it is an hour or two away and I'd rather fight my battles here rather then spend more money driving back and forth all the time. Hope everyone enjoyed their easters! :)



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Hey Manda!  Good for you - take charge - you have to do that :). Please keep us updated.  Wishing you the best and sending hugs and positive thoughts. - Jim

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You are on all our minds.  We know you have gone too long waiting for an answer.  Why they have to schedule so far out is cruel sometimes.  Hang in there and we know you know how much we all care.  Bill and Becky

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Hi Manda,
I agree with both Jim and Becky, you stay strong and please don't give up... you deserve some answers immediately! Push, push, push we're right behind you!!! (((Hugs)))


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