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Dizziness as early symptom?

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Did anyone here have dizziness as a primary symptom? I had my tumor removed about a year and a half ago, only doing MRIs every three months right now and all has looked good (last in January, next in May). My initial symptoms were headache/vomiting and eventually progressed to vision problems. I've had zero symptoms since removal and am pretty much back to normal life. 


Two days ago I woke up very dizzy, couldn't turn my head without feeling like the room was spinning but no nausea. I didn't have to work so I slept it off though still felt a little wobbly for a while after I got up, but the room wasn't spinning. Same thing happened today but I had to get up. Could barely get through my shower without holding onto the  wall (and I'm only 25). Its improved as the day has gone on but I still feel a little "off". I don't want to rush to any conclusions, especially since I don't have any other symptoms. I figured I would see how many days I woke up like this this week and if it got any better/worse before making any phone calls but was wondering if anyone else experienced only dizziness before any other symptoms.

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