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Drum Roll!!!

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Finally, a somewhat positive post!

Fourth attempt at first chemo was successful. Slight two hour delay as lab nurse thought port was infected, so we saw the surgeon. He said all was okay. He was given saline, Benadryl, Zofran, & Pepcid. Next came the long Erbitux infusion, followed by Taxol.

Big trouble with the Benadryl. Instead of the antsy feeling lasting for 45 minutes, it continued for 5 hours. They tried Ativan to calm him down. He was incoherent, mentally out of it, hallucinating, and could not stand up for 11 hours. MDA closes up shop at 7 PM, so 2 chemo nurses and a male assistant managed to get him on a golf cart(fancy transportaion they've got) and took him across the street to the hospital so he could get the Carboplatin infusion. When they finished, they managed to get him in the truck. My son & grandson met us at home to get him in the house. Started at 7:30 this morning and got home about 9 PM. NO MORE BENADRYL FOR YOU ,BUDDY!

I gave the surgeon the info. Phrannie found about ulcers and tube hemorraging. He was doubtful, but we now have a CT of the stomach scheduled for tomorrow(I guess that's today, now).

Hubby still can't walk to the bathroom unless I support him, but we'll make it throught the night and hopefully this Benadryl Krap will be gone soon.



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Wow sorry to hear about all the problems but you know how it is. My second time it treatment was very ruff as well but I did finally make it. It is good to have your family there to help you with the husband, as with me there were many times my Son and Wife had to carry me inside and put me in the bed.


Keeping you both in prayer


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I'm glad to hear things are finally moving forward.  I'm sorry he's having problems with the benedryl.  Do you have things in place at home for issues that may arise ?  I remember w/my Mom we had to rearrange a few things to accomodate the weakness.  She hated the wheel chair but only used it to get around through the worst of the tx's.  I'm thinking of you two and hoping things go smoothly here on out !   Hugs sent !   Katie

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I saw a few people with similar reactions to Benadryl when I was at the chemo center...

Glad all is well, hopefully everything will work out better next go around.


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I'm so sorry that the benadryl did that to him. I know it knocks me out and I fall asleep pretty quickly after taking it. I remember it being a little hard to wake up and focus after chemo was done but nothing like you've mentioned. They may have to give him something different or lower his dose?
Gosh, I hope today is a better day...poor guy.

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wolfen, sorry things were so rough and gladd it ended on a more positive note.  praying all future trmnts go smoothly.

God bless,


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I am sorry to hear your hubby had such bad side effects, but at least he was able to get a treatment this time and your journey can continue. I hope things get better. 

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I am going to think of you and count my blessings every time things go right.  Please remember to take care of your self as best you can.  I will continue to hope and pray for your husband’s safe treatment.



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He's on the road at last!!  I didn't know Benedryl did that to people...knocks me flat out.  So, no more of that for him...GOOD!! 

I kind of chuckled at the surgeon being "doubtful"....since he's never had this happen before, you'd think he'd be grateful for a possible answer, huh?  It's good news tho that they're going to do a CT, and at least eliminate that as a possibility....it's not like he didn't have ulcers in the recent past!!


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Wow, if there is a brick wall just off to the left of you and hubby run towards and head first dive into it numerous times! The thing that impresses me the most, is that even when you have what most people would consider the crappiest day, you have an under llining of humor in your story. This is how you survive and keep your hubby going.

I pray that they add water to your slide so you can stopped getting you *** burned everytime you go down it!

Love ya!


Ps, glad he got the chemo session done and out of the way, can't wait to hear what happens on the next one...just kidding lol

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Everyone is different. I've had "impossible" reactions to a few medications. You know: the medication could not possible do that. I think the safest thing to believe is that any medication can have any affect on some individuals. Rick.

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My daughter says too much Benadryl makes the room spin and she passes out. So she gets a lower dose.

Some people are more sensitive to meds than others. It takes hubby two hours longer to wake up from a surgery than most people. Docs say it's because his heart doesn't pump it off very fast. Guess that's why the weirdness lasted so long. Right now he's just left with the inability to balance well, but part of that is nutrition loss. I'm going to check with the nutritionist to see if there is anything with more calories than the current Glucerna 1.5. Just trial and error for now.



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