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Back in the hospital....

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I guess I shouldn't have been bragging about how well Jason is doing, he had a fever of 103.1 this evening & we are back in the hospital. UGHHH! His fever is down now (99.8), chest x-ray was alright, urine was good, blood work showed his WBC was 3.9 (I think?) so they aren't sure where the infection is but are pretty sure (because of the high fever) he does have one somewhere. The "Nadir"? that comes along w/ the chemo....the ER doctor said they may have to delay his chemo treatment this time, which was suppose to be Wednesday, but I hope not. So, how many of you have gone through this? From all I've read it's pretty common. Please say an extra prayer for him. Thanks in advance....(((HUGS))) Kris

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after my husband was dxd and had surgery, he would spike fevers for no reason that they could find, as high as 102.7 that SHOT up to that in 30 minutes.  they ended up blaming it on "tumor fever".  i had never heard of it but apparently is from the tumor making something wacky in your body.  after he received several chemo treatments, it stopped.  maybe that is what is happening. best of luck to you guys and hang in there.  google tumor fever and u will see what i mean.

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So sorry to hear that Jason has met another stumbling block in your journey. I hope they get this fever problem isolated soon and chemo will continue with no more interruptions.

We were back in ER by ambulance early Sunday morning with the dang hemorraging G-tube again. I am learning the drill. CT of stomach scheduled for tomorrow.

My hubby had his first chemo today. It didn't go smoothly. No reaction to the chemo itself, but to the Benadryl. He was incoherent for 11 hours, and could not stand up alone so they know to skip that from now on. It's always trial and error with him.

Hope things look good for Wed. chemo.





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Hi Kris and Wolfen

Geez guys. Sorry you're having problems. Like either one you need something extra to deal with. Hope things turn around quickly for the both of you.

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I am sorry that he is back in the hospital ... Hopefully, they can figure it out quickly and get him back on track.  Alex

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Has anyone heard of "tumor fever" before? All of Jason's tests came back alright, so there is no obvious infection, still waiting on the blood cultures though. His fever is gone, it left pretty much as fast as it came. Someone here menitoned tumor fever & said it's when the chemo starts attacking the tumor & it lets out toxins, which is what causes the fever? Anyone ever heard of that? I'll ask the dr. in the morning when he comes by. So, as of right now we're not sure if he'll have his chemo tomorrow or if they will postpone it. I'm hoping they go ahead with it, I don't want him to get behind on the treatments.

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After treatmen #2, I developed a fever that went to 103.  Overnight in hospital.  Tested for every infection.  All ok.  Turns out they had to flush the port that day with TPA, the saline just wouldn't flush clear so TPA is often used.  Turns out...... I am alergic to TPA..  That was the only time I had a fever issue.  Do you know how they flushed the port at the last treatment?

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So sorry to hear this Kris.  I hope he gets better soon and gets to go home.  Hugs....Cynthia

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Been there and done that. Yes its pretty common. Even if they delay chemo that is a good thing because he needs his wbc's and chemo when wbc's are that low can really hurt someone. plenty of fluids and food, healthy food, should start bring his wbc's back up and he should pull right through it. 

Sending prayers your wsy,


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We are senidng our thoughts and prayers for a great outcome for Jason.


Chemo is not without its down sides.  My first rounds of FOLFOX landed me in the hospital twice for 8 days each.  Hopefully I have gotten smarter and wiser. (Hopefully  lol)  


I am more in tune with my body. I Juice, eat more veggies, and live a healthier life.  Our bodies do tell us when we start to get run down it is time to change what is going on. We need fuel and water to keep us strong.  Do not let yourself get dehydrated, nor starved.  (I got dehydrated.)  I now weigh myself every morning before I take my shower.  I can watch my weight gain or loss. My docs now tell me I have the most stable weight of their patients.  I know when I need hydration, nutrition, or exercise. We all learned this when we were very young, it is time to bring those lessons into life.


Best Always,  mike

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for what he is going thru. prayers for both of you.



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I know from experience that is not a good feeling.  Is he still there or has he made it home?  The fever is worrisome, I know, but it is pretty common as others have said.  Hopefully it's back to normal now.  Keep us posted when you have time.  Hugs to you both~Ann Alexandria

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Hi Kris. What's the latest on Jason? How are you doing?


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Sorry he is not feeling better.  Do you have any updates?  Sometimes things can turn for the worse or better fast.  Let us know how he is doing.


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