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"Troubling Trend: Medication Adherence"

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Many here have mentioned that Cure magazine is free to survivors and caregivers.  Excellent article this month on what they are calling adherence. I have called this compliance in the past, but I like the newer term.


I know many of the reasons why others don't adhere to medication regimens, because I have expeienced adverse effects myself.  But I have always, always, approached my side effects as a puzzle to be solved and if I can't solve the problems the drug is causing, I do my darndest to manage the effects. 

Of course, there are life threatening adverse effects--then we have no control, but so many more annoying side effects can be managed (somewhat).

When we had IV therapies only, there was often not much of a choice, but I am afraid that many see a pill as something less important to take regularly.  Ultimately, we are adults and the choice is ours, but I encourage others to be as adherent as humanly possible.  And I say this as I face a new and very scary drug (coming Thursday) that can have serious adverse effects.  Praying that I can practice what I am preaching here! Wink


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I signed up for my free copy of Cure magazine and found the articles to be interesting and certainly worth reading for anyone who takes prescription medication.







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I found this article to be eye opening.  I do get Cure Magazine and couldn't wait to read this article.  I WAS one of those people who didn't care or want to take the meds prescribed ... just because.   Not just cancer meds either.  

I am one of those people who likes to play doctor for myself.  My docs always say that to me.  Not that I know anything about certain diseases, it's just that I go into a form of denial and figure if I don't take the stuff, then it can't be real.  But that's messed up, right?

I am glad I read this piece.  It made me think long and hard about ever doing this again.

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