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Dad out of surgery

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Dad made it through surgery. He's being kept on ventilator to maintain any pain. Anesthia wouldn't to epidural for pain because he felt dad wasn't off plavix long enough. We were told to stop 5 days, should have been 7. So they wanted him left under and will put in tommorrow. Surgeon said sx was thought, very fibrious so incisions are much bigger. He said he got 12-15 lymphnodes, some were enlarged, but one was gigantic hiding behind stomach. Praying path report brings joyous news. I guess this is when you hope surgery discovers clean lymphnodes, and if they're not your thankful they were discovered because it didn't show on path. I feel guilty lraving the hospital but doctor said no readon to stay because he's not awake. Thanks for all your prayers, I will you posted.

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**didn't show on Pet***

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Praying for you and your family. The next few days are going to be pretty rough, hang in there!

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I know you do feel guilty, but you need to get rest too.  Take care of yourself so you can be there for him when he needs you most.  Glad to hear he made it through surgery!  Glad to hear the lymphnodes are now out.  We will be praying for clear margins and positive path report.


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I am glad the surgery went well, and they found the lymph nodes that were hiding. I know how the guilt can be. My Mom is meeting with the surgeon tomorrow. She doesn't want to have the surgery, because she believes the cancer is gone. I feel guilty becuase I am pushing her to have the surgery. As caregivers for our parents we are put in a tough place. You need to realize that while your Dad is in the hospital, he is receiving the best care. You need to care for yourself, and try to recharge your batteries, so that when he comes home, you have enough to give him during his recovery.

I will continue to keep your family in my prayers.


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Glad the surgery is over. My pathology report on a lymphnode came back positive. Chemo was started again, but stopped half way through first treatment because of side effects. Even with no more chemo or radiation I am five years cancer free. Praying for a clean report for your dad, so that worry can be lessened.

Praying, Sandra

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