Tomorrow, Tomorrow...

is only a day away....

Thought we could all sing this together.  Cool  Because TOMORROW I go to my onc for my  3 month check up.  I am getting anxious about it... kind of not like me anymore so it's surprising me.   But last time when I had chemo I needed it again a year later so I guess the mind gets you going even though you don't think that is happening.  It's been 6 months, I feel good, have no reason to suspect that anything is off.  And yet I'm nervous.

So please send good vibes and prayers my way tomorrow. And  thanks for being there. 





  • jimwins
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    Good Luck

    Beach Boys: "Good Vibrations" coming your way:).  I always get anxious before my scans.  Good luck and please let us know how things go.  I wanted to sing "To Marrow To Marrow" during my dual bone marrow biopsy cause I was so nervous and my sense of humor kicked in.

    Big hugs,


  • Rocquie
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    I sure understand your anxiety! This is some nerve-racking business we are in.  I have a doctor's appointment Friday, this is only Monday, and yet I find myself already worrying about it.

    Peace today and good luck tomorrow. I'll be watching for your report.



  • epicc
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    Good Luck Donna

    Good Luck Donna, 

    I'm sure all will turn out okay.  Please let us know.  Lots of prayers and positive thoughs coming your way.  Love, Emily

  • anliperez915
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    Hi Donna

    Hi Donna,

    I'm sure everything will turn out fine, I will be saying a special prayer for you! Please keep us updated, take care (((Hugs)))