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Checking in on a positive note

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Hi everyone,

Sorry i have not been visiting lately. Full time job, kids and additional cooking is taking up all my time. We will be empty nesters in 3 years and i will definately be a active memeber of this wonderful forum.

It has been 1 year since diagonisis and 9 months since last rad. I have no complains except dry mouth which is expected. All taste is back for a long time, only small problem is that i still cannot eat spicy food....so mexican food is still a no go.

Using biotene chewing gum during day time and biotene oral balance gel at night time for dry mouth. Use xylimelts sometimes but prefer gum.


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Always great to hear from fellow bus mates.....glad to hear all is going well.  I was "taco-tina" before treatment.....made mexican food my "last meal" at least 10 times before treatment started.  Happy that I did, because it is out of the question for me nowadays, too. 

Dry mouth here, also...but like you I'll just live with it....and am getting kind of used to it.  Use Stoppers 4 at night, but water during the day.  I only really have trouble when I talk too much, or during eating.....so it's just not that big of a deal.


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I wouldn't count out your taco tasters just yet....

My taste had improvements going on two years...


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I want some of your blood, it sounds  like you got good stuff.  While I can eat anything (including spicy) my  taste buds are hitting on a few cylinders.  If it wasn’t for that kick of spicy I would be out in the cold.


I am glad you are doing well.


Dry mouth I got that covered.



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Great to see a post from you my friend.  Glad all is going well. Still got you on the daily task prayer list as well.

Keep us posted and we expect to see more of you for sure  in three years, but always glad to see a post from you anytime.



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Great to hear from you everyone!

John, you have always been insipiration to all of us with postive thoughts, you will hear a big shout from NJ when i get the spicy taste back!

Matt, happy to switch with you :), i can let go a few other taste for spicy :)

Phrannie, like your new hair cut :), when we do get the spicy taste back, we will do a taco HNC get together :).

Tim, as alwayd love to read your funny stories. Thanks so much for the prayers. We all need them more than ever.


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is a small price to pay, isn't it?  Heck, I can't use mouthwash, and don't even salt or pepper my food.  Just goes with the territory for some of us.  Glad to hear you're doing well.



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Hey Sam,

Empty nest....yeah know the feeling.  Our youngest just turned 28.  But we have the grandkids visit from time to time.  Kinda like a small tornado come through, lol !  I still can't use pepper.  And that was my season of choice instead of salt.  And salsa isn't very kind to me anymore either.  But we do find alternatives right ?  I'm so happy to hear things are going so well !   Katie

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