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Happy Easter

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Happy Easter, all 

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You too have a great day. I imagine there is an easter egg hunt in your future today!


You made Dan's day today - your post on caring bridge, he looked at me and said I really am doing well then aren't I, since he can chew and taste is getting there..  what do the doctors know... :) Thanks and enjoy that crowd! Dan is one of 9 children so that size is just the immediate family :)

David and Vivian,

I am glad you get to spend today together, my heart is with you.


I hope that you all enjoy the day. If celebrated or in a quiet way.. may it be a bright and sunny day in your hearts.




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Happy easter to everyone!

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Ingrid K
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Happy Easter to you too ! 

Enjoy all of the little ones today, Grandmax4



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happy Easter everyone and priase God for this glorious holiday. 

God bless,


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I found all of the eggs early ythis morning.....hehe...


But then the neighbor with all of the little kids came out and gave me crap for being in his yard, and I had to give them all back....

Some people just can't take a joke I guess...., LOL.


Happy Easter,


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Happy Easter to all 

john, I just finished passing my iPad around the room that was hilliarious!  

I hope you all enjoy your day.

all my best,


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Yes, happy Easter to every one here on this board!! May you all be blessed -you're such a wonderful people!

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