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Several questions ladies

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OK everyone.  Sailed through treatments.  Bilat and chemo.  Stopped Tamoxifen a month ago.  Took for 2 years three month.  Oncol persuaded me to try, as I know a lot of you have also, Goserelin/Zoladex implant every three months.  Would you all agree this is just more of the same?  When ovaries stop functioning Armidex, again more of the same.  To be fare, my neck and shoulder pain is arthritis, just knowing nothing dubious is a help.  My lower back and hip pain is muscle in the hip that after time misaligns the leg by half an inch.  I nip this in the bud with a chiropractor.  So at least I have that sorted.  All I need to deal with now is all my left ribs ache nearly constantly, had a bone scan, all clear.  The ribs are sore to touch in the whole area, and ideas?  Could be a host of things but wondered if just the drugs causing it.  Any thoughts on the Zoladex compared to Tamoxifen please?

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I wonder why your dr took you off of Tamoxifen if it was still working?  Were there signs it was beginning to fail, side effects you were wrestling?  Or did the Dr just want to try some new stuff?

Anyway, it sounds like there are lots of positives going on for you!  It's great that the bone scan showed no trouble.  Be sure to be real SPECIFIC and ask if that scan would show if there were cancer in your ribs. 

I had that implant one time.  I didn't have any trouble with it but I just had them take out my ovaries so I wouldn't have to keep wrestling with those trouble makers. 

Probably you just pulled a muscle or slept on it wrong!  I hope it gets better VERY soon and the good news keeps on coming your way!

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Hi Rose,

 Sorry that tamoxifen makes you feel bad and it has been a difficult drug for you. I have had all of them Tamoxifen 15 months, tthen Zoladex +Arimidex combo for 6 month, following by Zoladex alone for 6 months and back on Tamoxifen. Every time my medication  change was related to clinical data or serious side effects. These three drugs different mode of acrion, while all anti-estrogen therapy drugs. Untill you try, you will not know wether it is easier or more difficult for you. Zoladex comes as a low - monthly dose too. You can ask for it to see how you are going to tolerate it. feel free to ask any specific questions related to zoladex.

If your rib pain does not go away within 2 weeks please ask your doctor for additional test. For me PET/CT gives for info than bone scan.

Good luck

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I came off tamoxifen because of side effects.  I believe it aggrevates current conditions, which I can handle.  Bone pain became bad, unable to walk sometimes.  Hot flashes all day and night, never a break even in winter.  Couldn't to to my beloved gym classes as couldn't move.  


Oncol didn't even suggest monthly injections so perhaps we'll try a few three monthly and see how it goes, monthly being a future option.  


Seeing Oncol in one months time, routine blood due to new med.  So will bring the rib problem to his attention.  Afraid this has been going on for many months.  Exercise?  Fractured/broken rib?  Pancreas?  Who knows can be many things.  I did not realise the bone scan would not show problems in that area hence thought I was clear of cancer/ fracture there.  Good news is I am on it now thanks to your bringing my atterntion to it.  Thank you ladies. 

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